Auto Update for Tiller Money Feed

I have the Auto Update setting turned on in the Tiller Money Feed, however it seems I am getting logged out each day so it doesn’t seem to be working. After about 18-24 hours, I need to re-login to the add-on when I launch it. Is that because of the security settings for my bank, or is there a way to ensure the add-on stays logged in?

Just to clarify, when I say “re-login” I don’t mean that I have to enter my bank credentials each time. It just seems like the add-on is logging me out so I need to re-login with my google account.


I have the same issue.
I have collected some information and did some experimenting which I have shared with Tiller Support.
I think credit cards and others are attempting to strengthen their 3rd Party access and it’s creating issues of this type for personal financial management apps in general. I’m reasonably confident that Tiller is doing what they can to address the issue.

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Thanks for sharing this with us. We are working to address the issue you’re describing here and are noticing that some customers are being logged out, which causes the Auto Update feature of the Tiller Money Feeds add-on to fail. I’ll post another reply here when we have something pushed out that should address it.

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I also have this issue. I have to relaunch the add-in and log in every time. I always turn auto-update back on but it still happens.

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We are still working on the fix for this. Thanks for letting us know you’re having the issue too. We pushed out a fix last week, but it didn’t totally address the issue.

Thanks for your patience!

Heads up here, we pushed a fix for this yesterday! Finally! Woo hoo! :rocket:

If you were experiencing this issue, I believe that you should just need to open the Settings section in the add-on and turn Auto Update back on again and it should work consistently now.

Please let us know if not!


So my auto-update is working now but I have tons of duplicate transactions. Between 2 and 4 of the exact same one with the same transaction ID. Any ideas? I don’t have duplicate accounts linked and it’s happening across multiple different accounts.

Hi @charlotte,

We believe this was due to being able to click “update sheets” multiple times while the update process was running. We pushed a fix out for this last week so that the “update sheets” option is grayed out while the update process is running.

The best way to clean up those duplicates is to sort by the Category column. You’ll be able to easily spot duplicates that haven’t been categorized and you can delete those rows (hold down shift and click multiple rows to select more than one at a time to delete). If you haven’t invested a lot of time in categorizing yet and that method doesn’t work efficiently you can rename the Transactions sheet and then click “update sheets” in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on to regenerate the Transactions sheet without duplicates.

Hopefully that helps!