Account refresh issue

I have multiple accounts linked but let’s just talk about my bank account. Tiller indicated that my bank account “needed attention”. I went to “Connected Accounts” and there was a refresh icon next to the settings icon for that account. I clicked it and it connected to my bank, no errors occurred, it showed me the new balance, and I clicked “Save and close”.

None of the latest transactions in that account appear in the Transactions sheet, the Balances sheet shows the old balance, and “Connected Accounts” indicates that the account was last refreshed 4 days ago.

There was a message that it can take up to 10 minutes for the new transactions to appear. It is a lot longer than 10 minutes and the problem persists.

Can anyone tell me what is going on here? I am in the Tiller 30-day trial period trying to decide whether Tiller is the solution to my money-management needs. This does not bode well.

This sounds like an issue with your particular bank connection. I am dealing with a similar situation right now where I get to that “save and close” step, but the account doesn’t finish refreshing after that. I opened a ticket with customer support, and they’re working with Yodlee, Tiller’s data aggregator, on it.

I’d suggest first checking the Institutional Alerts Dashboard to see if it’s a known issue. If it isn’t on there, then I’d suggest contacting customer support through the chat window in the lower right of the Tiller console. Folks on this forum aren’t going to be able to help with a connection with a particular bank because we can’t see what might be going on with Yodlee, Tiller’s data aggegator.

Thanks for the help and suggestions.

I did a little more work on this. I have a Personal Capital account (also evaluating) that has a connection to the same bank. I tried refreshing there. The refresh failed and I got a CLEAR ERROR MESSAGE saying that connecting to my financial institution had failed. In the Tiller case, the process completed without any indication of a problem whatsoever. I understand that this is a conversation involving two systems and that the system on the financial institution side can fail to do the transfer. What I don’t understand is why I received no indication from Tiller that there was a problem, other than the confusing normal completion followed by failure to update balances and telling me that the account had not been refreshed in 4 days. I am an experienced software developer and failure to provide sensible error messages is as much a bug as any other incorrect behavior.

I refresh all of my accounts through the console, not the sidebar. The console has a very clear green/yellow/red coding for each account that indicates its refresh status. If any of my accounts turn yellow and then red, I know there’s a problem and likely a problem that I’m not going to be able to fix without contacting customer support (after checking the alerts dashboard to see if it’s already an known issue). Thankfully, it hasn’t happened often for me, but when it does, the color-coding is all that I’ve needed. But YMMV.

I tried your approach, using the Console. I get the same connection behavior – no error indication – but after the dust settles, the color code you mention is red. But, oddly – the Console shows the correct updated balance. But the spreadsheets do not, even after reloading them with the browser.

I will also observe that while the Console provides a color-coded indication that all is not well, refreshing with the main Google Sheets template is perfectly valid and the failure to provide any error indication there remains a bug, a serious one, in my view.

I gave up on Tiller a couple of years ago after a lengthy attempt to make it work, because there were just too many bugs. I was hoping that the passage of time had improved things. I’m not expecting perfection, but this is the same kind of sloppy work that caused me to lose interest the first time.

Fair enough. I wouldn’t use a product either if I wasn’t happy with it.

@joansallen - You mentioned clicking “Save and Close”. Did you then go back and click “Fill” to populate the sheet?

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