Newbie here, Struggling with some Chase connection + account issues

Good morning. I’m new to Tiller and really excited by what I’m seeing in the product and in this active community. Glad to be here!

I’m having some trouble connecting a Chase account correctly, with two specific (but possibly related) issues:

  1. Connecting Chase is really slow (ie. 20+ seconds on “Retrieving Security Information” after I’ve entered my 2fa code) and then pretty consistently shows this error: “Unexpected site error / It looks like we’re having issues connecting to this site for some reason”. I’ve checked the known outages doc and Chase doesn’t seem to be on there. After a bunch of attempts, I was able to connect once and get a pull of transactions. When I later clicked “Refresh” I got the following tooltip: “There seems to be a problem refreshing your account.”

  2. The one time the sync worked, it pulled transactions on my checking account, but not on the 2 Visa credit cards linked to that same Chase account. How can I pull those in? I tried “Add Accounts” in case those were meant to be distinct accounts (ie. “Chase Visa card” or such) but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

I’m grateful for any help you’re able to provide!

Hi @gbablon,

I’d recommend trying again with the Chase refresh process on the Console under Account Summary but without clicking “refresh all accounts” - this can cause the refresh process to get stuck sometimes and cause errors. That button is going away soon anyway.

The data for the credit card accounts should come in on the next update when you can get it to successfully refresh.

If you still have issues reach out directly to our support team using the chat in the lower right of the Console and go through the bot process to get us all the data we need to troubleshoot.