Brand new to Tiller sheets. Had to refresh accounts for transaction update


I started with Tiller yesterday, so I’m on the free trial. After successfully importing transactions across all the accounts I linked, this morning I noticed that a credit card transaction that is no longer pending would not appear on my sheet even after hitting update several times. I browsed this forum for advice, went into the console, refreshed the account, and then the sheet updated.

Before I go all-in on Tiller, I’d like to survey the community about how often this account refresh in the console needs to be done. It’s kind of a deal breaker for me to not just hit one button on my Sheet and be done for the day, but I suppose I could ritually update accounts at some interval.

It was an American Express credit card, if that helps.

Thank you very much!

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Refreshing accounts in order for the sheet to update is very common if you have two factor authentication turned on for your accounts or the automatic refresh is not enabled for them. The auto refresh enabled/disabled is determined by our data provider, and is not something we have control over but it can change over time (might be disabled today but enabled next month or vice versa).

You can also do this refresh step in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on > Connected Accounts if it doesn’t refresh on it’s own within 36 hours (that’s usually the max amount of time between auto refreshes) of the last refresh so you don’t have to leave your sheet to do it.

Hi Heather,

Thanks for the reply. I looked in the Connected Accounts panel of the add-on to find the option to manually refresh in the sheet itself. I only found that if I clicked the gear icon I was able to re-enter my credentials. Is this what you mean by manual refresh?

Hi @andrewhill…Welcome to Tiller!

I refresh my accounts each time I open the sheet. I am a little (a little?) focused on keeping my accounts up-to-date, so I try to do this every other day, at least. Many of the accounts are already refreshed since the last time I logged in, but a few lag and I simply refresh these manually.

I am in my third year using this product. At first, I had the same thought: If this refresh step were automatic across the board, it would be truly slick, but I have found that my watching the transactions pop in helps me confirm their categories, so I am more engaged with what’s happening.

I have found Tiller to be an exceptional tool for managing our financial picture. I have reviewed many of the others personally (Quicken, Personal Capital, Mint, YNAB)…none of them hold a candle to Tiller’s flexibility, reliability and ease of use. (And when you pair it with a mobile solution, like this or this, the value skyrockets!) The customer support is the best I have ever experienced. (That may sound like hyperbole, but its not: its true. These people truly care about and work to understand their customers.)

You won’t regret your choice! Hope this helps!
All the best.


This is expected behavior in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on. Accounts that can refresh on their own automatically within 36 hours don’t have the blue circle “refresh” icon in Tiller Money Feeds > Connected Accounts. If you’re using the gear icon, it’s a bit of a workaround for that 36 hour time limit.

You can tell which accounts refresh automatically by just letting it sit for about a day then return to the Connected Accounts section. If none have the blue refresh circle icon they’re refreshing automatically, if they do you can click that icon and it will refresh a little more seamlessly than the gear icon workflow.

Alternatively, you can always trigger a manual refresh on the Console at - the button is always there (for now) but it’ll be blue when they haven’t refreshed in the last 36 hours.

Hope that helps.

@heather I know you don’t have control over the feeds refreshing, but for what it’s worth I’ve noticed in the last few weeks that some of my accounts are not refreshing automatically like they used to. This is a variety of accounts but not all of them, so I have been wondering if there’s an issue with your data provider right now. It’s not a big deal since I can manually refresh it, but I’m hoping it improves again.

@andrewhill despite having to sometimes manually refresh accounts I agree with Brad, that Tiller is far and away the best budgeting software I’ve used. Welcome!

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@Brad.warren I am glad Tiller Money is working so well for you, three years in! Thanks too for the kinds words about our team. And you’re right - they do care!

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Sorry, @andrewhill …updating just now. It appears that I am using the legacy API for connected accounts (prior to Jan., 2019), so my experience may be somewhat different from those who joined Tiller after Jan, 2019…good things coming, though, perhaps next year with a more automated experience.