Daily email reports stale balances

For several weeks, I have enjoyed seeing my daily transactions and balances in a “Tiller Daily Update” email. It is great.

However, the balances for some accounts are not accurate. I bounced 4 tranactions ($75 in fees) because I trusted the daily email that said I had plenty of cash in my account. Not so.

When I went to tiller online, I saw that one account had not refreshed in 22 days, but other accounts were up to date.

The daily email lulled me into a false sense of security. What can be done so that the daily email includes an asterisk and a Parentheses next to all balances that have not been updated in the last 24 hours. Something like this:

$8,611.76 (WARNING: Updated 22 days ago) Checking
$10,000.00 Savings

A secondary question is “Why when I go to the accounts, I simply need to press the refresh button and it refreshes just fine?”

thank you,

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@jmurray thanks for sharing your experience here. We do hope to improve the daily email so it’s more clear on when the data was last updated. Sorry about that confusion you experienced.

Some accounts can’t automatically refresh on their own and require your intervention. You can read more about that in this guide: