Daily Balance snapshots

Sorry if this has been asked and answered before but a pretty simple question - I notice that for many of my accounts (Schwab, Amex, Wells Fargo, etc) the balance history is sporadic. Some days there’s 2 balances, some days there’s none. Example, in the month of September on one of my Amex cards there is only 14 balance snapshots.

Is there a reason why I don’t see daily balance snapshots? Is it possible to overcome this limitation? To clarify, what I need to do is ensure that the software pulls a balance on a specific day (e.g. quarter end) for certain accounts.

Hi @psavini - great question - we pull balances only when the account refreshes. Balances don’t accumulate for download the way transactions do.

So if your account doesn’t refresh every day, you’d miss balance entries on the days it didn’t refresh.

Some accounts can refresh automatically, and usually this is about once every 36 hours. Some accounts cannot automatically refresh and will require you to manually refresh them. Sometimes accounts that previously were able to automatically refresh have that capability disabled (not something we control) and you’ll have to manually refresh.

So if you definitely want a balance on a specific day, make sure you go perform a manual refresh on that day. If for some reason the refresh fails, you can manually add the balance entry by inserting a row into the Balance History sheet.

A few resources:

Thank you Heather, that makes sense…