Authorized user on credit card is showing up as another balance

I have an authorized user on my credit card, and tiller pulls that in as a separate account/connection as it has a different account number. In the bank it combines the balances, as i’m ultimately responsible so effectively the balance is doubled. but tiller shows the total balance twice on the balance sheet. I can’t just not connect one as that would remove that side of the transactions. Anyone have that issue before?

@ctlee, if the bank website shows the balance the same for both accounts then that’s the only way we’ll be able to pull it. Even thought I has a separate account number if it’s technically the same account and has the same balance there isn’t a way to pull the balance differently.

if you don’t want the double balance reflected in your Balances sheet just hide one of the accounts on the Accounts sheet using the “Hide” column.

Thanks, will give that a shot, but I think is that they both have their own individual transactions, so hopefully that won’t remove those from the reports. But really appreciate the response.