Joint Credit Cards

My husband and I have a joint credit card with two separate logins. When we connect both our accounts the transactions are correct but the total balance shows up twice so it’s duplicated. Anyone run into this issue before and know a solution? Thank you!

Only connect one account. Blake

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Do you have to log into both to get all of the transactions? If not just connect one account. Does it show up as one or two credit cards on the sheet? If two, You may need to add some logic to your balances sheet to divide this accounts in half so the total is accurate.

@richl , @koreyandjoyce It is really only one account, just two different ways to access it. Just link/connect the account to Tiller with only one set of login credentials. Works the same way with asset accounts. If you link the account to Tiller using both sets of login credentials, you will get just one list of transactions but two balance amounts (duplicate) which is what the original poster said. Blake