Tiller for Couples (Separate Accounts & Credit cards, but from the same banks)

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Currently trying out Tiller for me and my husband. I’ve already read through the Community Page on How to Track Shared Expenses. We each have our own bank accounts and credit cards that we don’t share-- however they do come from the same providers (Amex and Chase, for example). Are we able to sync 2 separate Chase bank accounts through one (1) Tiller account? And how?

Yea, just add his account with his credentials, then add your account with your credentials. I’ve done this with our local bank, but had to uncheck syncing a few shared accounts from my bank login that were already syncing through her bank login.


You might also find this article helpful! https://www.tillerhq.com/how-to-use-a-spreadsheet-to-manage-shared-expenses/

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