Credit Cards with Multiple Authorized Users

Dear fellow Tillers.
I am an X-Quicken and so far Tiller has worked perfect for me.
there is one issue i can not overcome
i have duplicate transactions (but with different IDs) on Credit Cards that have multiple users with a single account. for example, i have Amex or Chase business with one account but 3 authorized users (so the credit card number is different). some transactions appears twice. and the bank balances (as downloaded from the bank) are wrong.
anyone has a solution??

I had this problem with a joint checking account. I had both my account and my wife’s account connecting in the Tiller Console to pull in our checking and savings accounts, and since we both had access to Joint, they were both pulling in transactions. The solution was to uncheck one of the Joint accounts, so only one of them pulled in transactions. Perhaps you have a similar situation.


I created another Category called “Amex Duplicate” that is hidden from reports and budgets. I haven’t figured out how to make it categorize those automatically without breaking things yet, but maybe one day when I have some time.

i will do that, thanks

This was my solution as well. My wife and I both have Chase and Amex accounts where one or the other of us is an authorized user. I uncheck those accounts, ensuring that I am only syncing the cardholder accounts. In my case:


  • Chase
    • Joint Checking
    • Auto Loan
    • Chase Freedom
    • Chase Freedom Unlimited
    • Chase Sapphire Reserved
    • Chase Amazon Prime Rewards
  • American Express
    • American Express Platinum Card
    • American Express Gold Card
    • American Express Delta SkyMiles Platinum


  • Chase
    • Joint Checking
    • Auto Loan
    • Chase Sapphire Preferred
  • American Express
    • American Express Platinum Card
    • American Express Gold Card
    • American Express Delta SkyMiles Platinum

Hi Tillers,

Not sure if I should be responding to this here or not but I have similar issue. My wife is an authorized user of my credit card and use it for all day-to-day purchases. Given that, I don’t have any need to sync her account so I’m not getting duplicates but I would like to associate transactions to the different card numbers but Tiller does not identify the card that made the purchase, only the account. Is there a way to get the card data from Tiller?

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There is probably not a way to get the purchasing card, @kpjob11. We partner with a data aggregator (Yodlee) who securely stores bank credentials and pulls data from the banking sites. Pretty much everything Yodlee gathers Tiller plumbs directly into your spreadsheets.

My wife and I share a credit card but the card has the same account id and the data, as captured by Yodlee, does not/cannot make the distinction between the two cards.


In this scenario though, are you able to see transactions on the Amex Platinum card from your wife versus you? We have a similar situation and I’d like to understand transactions made by her versus me but our balances are duplicated unfortunately (thankfully not transactions).

My guess is that the accounts in @cculber2’s scenario are distinct accounts vs just authorized users of the same credit card account.

As of now, we don’t have a way to pull the card details for authorized user cards associated with a transaction since they’re all technically the same account.

Just wondering if you tried this and is is still the same? because i noticed in Cculber2’s example he had a chase account that he deselected, but that only has one account number. I noticed for Chase and maybe because there’s a different number I need to check both in order to get all the transactions, but i would prefer that it had pulled all under one actg number. I guess we’ll test and see.
Does anyone know in this case if it’s possible to have the data combine with the main account, ie same actg number and same card name?

I don’t understand this, he doesn’t have any account numbers displayed in the screenshot/list he shared. And the Chase Sapphire accounts are different accounts. One is “Reserved” and the other is “Preferred”

Sorry let me clarify, with Chase, when you have a joint checking account the joint holders have the same account number i’m assuming that’s why only one account pops up in tiller. However, with a credit card that has an authorized user, each user has their own number. For me that means i need to select both accounts in order to select both account for all details to populate.
But it’s probably as you mentioned they don’t have an AU on a chase CC.

This is true for Chase business credit cards, but not personal credit cards as far as I know. I have an Amazon Prime Visa through Chase and just added an authorized user and it’s the same credit card number, expiration, date CCV, and all.

Hi all, sorry for taking so long to reply.

I haven’t set up my wife as an AU on our Amex Platinum, but she is on our Amex Gold card. Amex authorized users have a distinct card number, but identifying who is responsible for what transaction is a mixed bag… If I sync my wife’s authorized Amex Gold card, the transactions under that account number will be only hers, but syncing my Amex Gold card brings over all transactions as it is the primary account. In order to avoid duplicate transactions, I’ve opted to only sync from my account, accepting that I won’t be able to easily see who made the purchase.

These are almost all instances of accounts with authorized users, save the American Express Platinum account. I shouldn’t have listed it under my wife’s accounts. Here’s a better representation of the accounts. Also note that in general, American Express authorized users have distinct account numbers and can be filtered distinctly in Amex’s statements, but Chase authorized users have the same account number as the primary user.

Chase Primary Account Authorized User
Joint Checking cculber2 Wife
Auto Loan cculber2 Wife
Chase Freedom cculber2 Wife
Chase Freedom Unlimited cculber2 Wife
Chase Sapphire Reserved cculber2 -----
Chase Amazon Prime Rewards cculber2 Wife
Chase Sapphire Preferred Wife cculber2
American Express Primary Account Authorized User
American Express Platinum Card cculber2 -----
American Express Gold Card cculber2 Wife
American Express Delta SkyMiles Platinum Wife cculber2
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