Tracking Different Credit Cards (Authorized Users) on Same Account


New to Tiller and loving it so far! Would appreciate some help and insight on the data that comes over from Credit Card transactions (this is for CapitalOne).

Question: Is there a way to see which authorized user owns the Transaction in the Transdaction data?


My wife and I have 2 different credit cards associated with the same account, and I’m trying to figure out if this information comes over in the Feeds so I can run AutoCat and other rules on the transactions to automatically split them out for our individual budgets, report on them differently, etc.

Primary Account: ends xxxx1234
Authorized User 1: My card on the above account: ends xxxx4567
Authorized User 2: Spouse’s card on the above account: xxxx7890

Each of our transactions shows up individually in Tiller, which is great but I only I see the one Primary account number (xxxx1234) come across in the Account column, but I can’t find anywhere that the 4567, or 7890 info comes across. I have unhid all columns, looked through the Full Description, etc.

Does anyone have a solution to this?

This would really help simplify our joint spending and budget reconciliation process and one of my biggest frustrations with Mint!


Hi @iliketomodel,

I don’t believe this is a Tiller issue, but rather an account issue. We don’t have any Capital One cards, but I can give some data points for Chase and American Express.

Chase doesn’t have different card numbers for the primary cardholder and authorized users. Even on Chase’s dashboard/statements, there is no way to tell which user initiated the transaction. The physical cards, and when Tiller pulls the transactions, everything will show as account xxxx1234.

For American Express, the cardholder and each authorized user have their own card number so I would be xxxx4567 and my wife would be xxxx7890. Unlike Capital One, it sounds like, there Is no primary account separate from those two. If I sign in as the primary cardholder account, I can see all transactions along with which card was used to make the transaction. My statements even break down the transaction list by card. If my wife signs in, she can only see her own transactions. If I connect my Amex account to Tiller, all of the transactions will load, but the account number will be xxxx4567 for all transactions. If my wife’s account connects to Tiller, only her transactions will import, but they will show as her account number xxxx7890. These are limitations on the bank/Yodlee date provider’s part.

Thanks, @cculber2

My scenario is like your AMEX one, and my fear was that it is a bank integration issue and not a Tiller or User Error issue.

I tried to check out the Yodlee and Capital API docs but had no luck with ideas for a solution.

Thanks for the input.

I tried to check out Yodel and Capital on’e Open

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