Combining separate Tiller accounts

My wife and I just got married are working to combine finances and are trying to figure out a good way to combine our Tiller workflows. We’re planning to create a shared Google sheet for our shared finances. However, we both currently have separate Tiller accounts linked to our own Google accounts. We’re not sure how to both be able to manage and update Tiller transactions without also sharing a Google account. We’re not planning to share our existing Google accounts. The reality is that we have a bunch of MFA accounts that need to be updated manually to get new data, so we both need to be able to fetch new transactions.

Would the best way be to create a new Google account dedicated to our shared finances and sign up to Tiller with that account?

What about sharing your sheets with each other and then pull in all transactions from both sheets into a new Transactions sheet you both have access to? Just brainstorming, that might work.

The challenge I can’t seem to figure out is how to allow both of us to be able to update our shared accounts that need manual intervention in order to update rather than needing to rely on one of us to update the credentials.