Sharing Accounts through Excel

Hi everyone! I am just getting started with Tiller. My husband and I are using Excel and are looking for a way to share the Tiller sheet without having to send an updated spreadsheet back and forth everyday. We tried opening it via Google Sheets, but when we do, some important information (ie: categories we’ve manually inputted) are lost. I have a feeling there is an easy answer to this that we are overlooking being new to the tool.

Thank you in advance for any help.


Hi @ricefam:

Welcome to the Tiller Community!

I used to favor Excel for all my spreadsheet work until I began to use Google Sheets. I find it somewhat more intuitive and accessible, since it is kept in the cloud. I highly recommend using Google Sheets for Tiller, since it is its “native” environment.

I haven’t used Tiller in Excel, but believe that you can share Excel files by storing them in a cloud solution, like Dropbox. Here is a note about how that is done.

Hope that helps.

Thank you so much, Brad!!