Sharing spreadsheet w/ partner

How is sharing supposed to work? Is my spouse required to purchase her own tiller account? Our objective is to let her categorize transactions. I expected that we could share as a family.

So far:
-She logged into my google account.
-As she tries to split a transaction (Extensions/Tiller Money Feeds/Tools/Split Transaction) it asks her to sign into Tiller
-She selects Continue w/ Google
-She selects my name/email
-Error “This Page Isn’t Working” - “Bad Request Error 400” and it loops through this

I would prefer is she could access and edit the spreadsheet from her google account.
That way when I “assign” a transaction to her, there is a record of it. When she uses my google account, the comment history is all in my name.

Hi there. You could Share the spreadsheet with her, there are some suggestions in this help article: Sharing and permissions in Google Sheets | Tiller Help Center

One thing to note is that the Tiller Money Feeds add-on is connected and authenticated using the main account (your account) to login. When authenticating with Google we do run into some issues with multiple logins involved (one login used for the browser and a different one used to try to login to Tiller).

You spouse should be able to categorize without issue, but accessing the Tiller Money Feeds add-on might have issues. It is something we are considering. I hope the help article gives you some good assistance.