Google Sheet Ownership

  1. I am unclear on how I can be the “Owner” of my clients Tiller Foundations Sheet.

Just my thinking here, but i wouldn’t think that you would need to be the owner of the spreadsheet, they could just share it with you as needed?

Is this something in documentation that you are referring to that said this?

We may need more context to answer your question appropriately.

Also a Tiller account is limited to 5 linked sheets so that would most likely be your limiting factor

Thanks Ben,… in the Tiller for Financial Pros lit. it mentions that the first decision we need to make is who will own the Sheet, Advisor or Client?

I am with you … I do not see advantage to owning the sheet,… but thought maybe I am missing something?

Thanks for your response.


I’m not exactly sure of the literature for pros, but I was able to find this.

It has some tips for this situation.

Thank you,

Thank Ben,… very helpful !

Hi @TKing :wave:. I wanted to chime in and confirm the simplest option is to have your client own their Tiller Foundation Template spreadsheet and share it with you (as @bentyre1 mentioned).

This means you’ll set the client up with their own Tiller subscription, using their own email credentials. Then they’ll be able to add their financial accounts to Tiller and link them to the spreadsheet.

After creating the spreadsheet, they’ll share the spreadsheet with you.

For most folks that’s the best option because Tiller doesn’t currently have a structure that makes it easy for advisors to organize multiple clients (and all of their linked accounts) within one Tiller account.

Hope that helps!

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Understood,… I think the piece of the workflow that I want to carry is on behalf of my clients is:

Launching TIller Money Feeds → Filling the Transactions Sheet with new transactions–> Running AutoCat

This will give me all the data I need to give Clients meaningful feedback.

The breakdown can be when the Client “forgets” to do these updates, I am left with incomplete data.

I know it must sound like way too much “hand holding” however, most of my clients, if they were good at this they wouldn’t need me.
And, frankly this is the goal (get them to a place where they do not need me) so maybe it’s a good thing to have them participate at a higher level!

Thank you for the feedback,…

To launch Tiller Money Feeds and fill the client’s spreadsheet on their behalf, you’ll need to log in with the Tiller-subscribed email credentials.

You could also consider setting up the Tiller subscription using a new email account that you share with the client. That would give you the opportunity to fill the sheet if needed.

Alternatively, if the Tiller subscription set up with their personal email, presumably they wouldn’t be sharing those credentials with you, so it would more directly involve them in the process of filling the sheet (which sounds like it could be a good thing for some folks!).