Tiller Setup for Shared Household Budgets


I want to setup a household budget for shared income and expense views using the new Tiller Foundation Template with Tiller Money Feeds. I recall a post last year showing example of setting up shared budget for couples, however, that was using the old version of Tiller. Anything already built for this with the new TFT/TMF?

Additionally, if both people are using the same bank(s) but with different username/passwords for login, how do you add the other account?

Lastly, if using shared budget and setting up categories to differentiate each person’s expenses: is there an issue to have spaces between the cell rows of categories? I’ve seen it in examples and even in some of the recent Spreadsheet Challenge samples but never used it.



I think this works as you’d expect. I just tried doing it tonight, and I was able to link both mine and my wife’s accounts, which are both at BofA but under separate logins. It looks like Tiller/Yodlee track the credentials for each account separately. Our shared accounts that are available to both logins were linked twice, but I was able to just remove the redundant ones from the Accounts panel.

I’m curious to see the responses to your other questions, as we are about to set up our own shared budgeting/tracking sheets.

My current thinking is to have 3 separate sheets for transaction review/categorization, one for each of us and one for the shared accounts that either of us can categorize. Then I’m hoping to use the IMPORTRANGE() function as outlined here to combine the transactions into my Foundation Template-based sheet. (That article only talks about importing a single range, but it looks like a combination of QUERY/IMPORTRANGE can import from multiple sheets. This might be more trouble than most people want to go through, and I’m not even 100% sure it’ll work, so I’m curious to see other approaches people have used.)

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This help article still works with the Tiller Foundation Template and Tiller Money Feeds. Nothing has changed with the Console and linking a partner’s accounts. The only thing to consider is that if your partner has two factor authentication turned on for their bank accounts he/she will need to be present to enter any 2FA codes into the Console to keep the data current and available for updates via the Tiller Money Feeds add-on. We recommend doing this together about once a week.

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Thanks for sharing your experience and the info. I also ran across info about this in a recent post by Tiller that leads to the article from last January I was referencing. I’m hoping the setup with the new template is not as time consuming starting from no reference/example.

Good luck to you with setting up your sheet and I do hope someone responds with their use experience of shared budgets. Maybe Tiller will even create an “add-on” like they do for the Simple Business setup.

Heather, thanks for the article reminder at the HELP site and the tip about 2FA. That 2FA has become thorn in my side for consistent and timely financial data updates. What a challenge if now doing this with two people :joy:

Any chance Tiller spreadsheet gods could create a sample using the new Foundations template or even create an “add-on” for these cases like the case for the business template?

If we both have 2FA enabled, will we both need to be present for any updates to occur, or if one of us is not present, can we provide 2FA for our accounts and have the other person provide their 2FA at a later date? In other words, will the accounts with valid 2FA update even if some others don’t, or is it all-or-nothing?

I guess I can wait a week and see how it plays out, but I just joined two days ago and am wondering how it will work.

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You can update the various logins at different times. E.g. if you’re sitting in front of the computer and available to add your 2FA codes you can do that and get your updated data, but if your partner is not around at that moment to enter his/her 2FA code those accounts won’t update.

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I like the “couples categories” idea - I have some other ideas related to this. Hopefully something we can build into Labs in the coming year. :wink: