Separate Sheets for Spouse (or Need Separate Account)?

Engaged :ring: and sharing (knowledge of and planning together management of our) held-in-our-own-name financial accounts and data.

Can I add a new sheet “Wife’s Accounts” to my existing Tiller Login and paid account, and then add her accounts and feed info that will populate into her separate sheet?

Although we have some similar institutions, our logins are of course with differing credentials.

I know there are somewhat similar posts out there about importing both sets of data or joint accounts into a single sheet, but my question is if I use separate sheets for each of us will it all work? Or, is this forbidden sharing by terms of agreement?




I am in the same boat… getting married later this month.

We have decided to create a joint checking, savings and account that we will fund for all common expenses. We will contribute a set amount each month or year from our individual accounts. We also have two credit card accounts for expenses.

I have created groups for joint and each of our individual accounts. It would be great to be able to have separate sheets for joint accounts and each of our individual accounts.

Fingers crossed that this can be done without a lot of work.


Thanks! Was seriously thinking of doing the same. Do you plan to do this on your original sheet (or similarly and functionally the same< on a renamed copy)?

Please post any updates!

It think it would make life so much easier to have everything in one file with multiple sheets. I want complete transparency, but with the ability for us each to have individual sheets and joint sheets. Each year we will look at our individual net worth and contribute the appropriate percentage of money to our joint accounts.


I’m married and have all accounts in one spreadsheet. This includes two accounts at the same bank with different credentials, and then having to turn off a couple duplicate accounts within that bank. In areas where I need to differentiate our spending, I either do it through categories (Wages-Him vs Wages-Her) or through tags (Category = Wages, Tag = Him).


Really helpful Joseph!

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You can have five spreadsheets total with one Tiller subscription, and link whichever accounts you’d like to each spreadsheet, if you want to divvy up the spreadsheets per person’s accounts.

In order to access the Tiller Console or the Tiller Money Feeds add-on, you’ll need to log in with the one Tiller subscription (there isn’t a way for two emails to access one subscription) but for just categorizing/reviewing data you can share the spreadsheet with however many people you’d like! The spreadsheets are owned by you and there’s no limit to who can access them (unless Google/Excel have limits imposed)


I’m in a long-term relationship (about 12 years now), but we keep separate finances. We use my single Tiller account to power two separate spreadsheets.

Mostly all of our accounts are different than each other, but we have a few shared accounts as well. For the shared checking account we have together, she just deletes any transactions I made that flow into her sheet, and vice versa.

I’ve been slowly working on a third sheet that combines all the data in both of our separate worksheets. It’s not connected to Tiller, but rather uses references to dynamically pull in the data from our sheets. That way, we don’t have to do double work in both our individual and shared sheets. It basically combines all of our transactions together in one Transactions sheet, all the category totals together in Categories, and all the accounts together on Balance History. It’s not perfect by any means yet, and is highly specialized for our workflow. But I’ve been brainstorming ways on how to make it generic enough to hopefully release to the community for others in my same boat.


A wonderful conception and frankly was one I was pondering. This allows both parties to know everything about their own finances but would make possible streamlined combining/review and ultimately reimbursing/sharing of selected transactions. Please keep us all posted on progress!!!

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You could set up three sheets – one fed by your household accounts, one fed by your accounts, and one fed by your wife’s accounts. The only tricky thing is that if your Tiller account is connected to your personal Google account, your wife would need to log in as you in order to have full access to her account connections and full Tiller functionality. If you both are going to be in Tiller, you could connect Tiller to a shared email account rather than using your personal email account, that way it’s easier for both of you to access the full functionality.


Wow, hmmm. Lots of design options, choices. Thanks, Caroleen.

My wife and I have been using his/hers/ours accounts for the entire 36 years (so far) we’ve been married. I thought she was nuts when she suggested it, and have come to believe this is a great approach for two career couples to manage their finances.

I keep all our finances in a single sheet, with a single Transactions tab. Account names are prefaced with HIS/HERS/OURS for easy reference, and Categories are suffixed the same way. I’ve done some spreadsheet tweaking to get his/hers/ours reports, and use a “contains” filter when I build a pivot table for something. It has worked out well for us.

BTW, that ability to track his/hers/ours in a single financial management application is what brought me to Tiller when I got fed up with Quicken. I looked at a lot of other tools and couldn’t see a way to implement the tagging that Quicken allowed. And then I came here. No regrets.

Congratulations @Larry! Indeed you have various options. We suggest creating a shared Tiller account with a shared email address. You can read more of the recommended workflow here.

Twalane, great article; hadn’t seen it before.