Quarterly Budget Template

I am interested in a Quarterly budget report similar to the Monthly report. Has anyone built this? Can I hire someone to build it? Thank you!

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Welcome @wkindler :wave:

I’m inquiring about this to see if there is someone we can recommend, just in case no one comes forward on this :slight_smile:

Is this the same ask as @grantsong.mpb posted here?

I’d like the same report. Like the “Yearly Budget” but quarterly.

I did a really quick mockup here, @alkrongold. No real testing or anything. Hope it gets you started.

Wow, this is fantastic! Thank you so much. I don’t have much spreadsheet experience so I won’t be able to tell if there’s anything wrong with it off the bat but appreciate your help on it!

Randy, actually I’m seeing that there’s “Actual” data in Q3 and Q4 which hasn’t occurred yet and data doesn’t show in the live P&L so I know there aren’t any transactions in those time periods. Do you know why?

I basically took the Yearly Budget, added 12 columns to the left of the months (3 columns for each quarter), wrote a simple sum formula across three month periods off the yearly budget months, then hid everything to the right of the new quarters. It was really fast.

If you are seeing some surprising numbers, I’d unhide the stuff on the right and poke around.

I looked at the hidden columns to the right and there’s no “actual” info for Q3 and Q4 but for some reason it shows “actual” number on the quarterly versions. Do know why?

Looks like the info in Q4 is being copied from April “actual” figures. I really don’t know how to tinker with this stuff or change it.

Good catch, @alkrongold. That was sloppy on my part. Just updated it in the same file. Can you try the new version.

Looks great now thank you again! This is so helpful!

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