Managing Bank Logins with Shared Sheets

Hi all :wave:

I’d like to use tiller with myself, my partner, and our bookkeeper.

I can create the bank feeds, but this requires me to (re) sign in to authenticate the accounts periodically. This means that our bookkeeper is dependent on me to do their work - not ideal.

The other option is for our bookkeeper to create the account and sign into the bank feeds. They wouldn’t be dependent on me, but I’d have to share my banking logins - also not ideal.

Am I missing something? What’s the right way to deal with this? This isn’t an issue in QBO so I’m guessing the integration is different?


(Most of my banks require SMS authentication, so I couldn’t share the account info if I wanted to)

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Hey Max,

I’m new(ish) to Tiller, but I also own a bookkeeping firm so from my side I can make the following suggestions, but many of these will be dependent on the financial institutions you’re using:

If the bank allows it, you can request an “partner” or “read-only” login for your bookkeeper, and then your bookkeeper can create the account using their login. It doesn’t solve everything, but it gets you closer.

Or, and this is a bit of a workaround: If you use a PW manager (I use LastPass), you can share your login by sharing your LP credentials for your accounts, and the bookkeeper doesn’t need to ever see the PW (of course, that means that Tiller will need to accept login’s via a PW manager, and not all programs allow that).

And for the rare client that is either too disorganized (or, frankly, too lazy) to set me up, I do have an NDA as part of my contract. And believe me, no matter how much money you have in your accounts, it’s not worth it (to me) to do anything but account for it. I’m not going to prison for misappropriating a few thousand bucks. So it really depends on your relationship with your bookkeeper. :slight_smile:


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