Downloading Bank Transactions

I have two factor authentication on my bank login so I have had to manually download the transactions and import them into the Tiller Spreadsheet. Is there a work around to automatically download?

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What is the name of the bank?

This two factor authentication sort of makes getting automated imports painful for those accounts. For TFA accounts, Tiller is only saving a minor additional step when compared to downloading manually. I wish there was a way to make two factor authentication a one shot thing for read-only access of account information by whatever program is retrieving the information (if that makes sense?).

Thanks for the feedback!

Agree wholeheartedly - handling 2FA is super important. Without better handling it’s just not worth paying for something which isn’t really a better UX.

Thanks for the feedback here @maktan and @bradley.j.webb. We agree the 2FA experience right now isn’t optimal, and we’re working on it! There are some aspects that we can make better, and there are others that are out of our control because of the nature of 2FA.

This is possible, and is something the UK has recently regulated on banks there, called Open Banking. Maybe one day the U.S. will follow suit. I agree this is a better approach, but it will take a while for the US banks and aggregation technology to catch up.

If you prefer spreadsheets to engage with your money and have many accounts, Tiller will still save you a ton of time, even with the re-auth required on the Console.