Capital One Requires 2FA to refresh

It seems as though I am required to use 2FA for my Capital One Card every time I want to refresh the data? Is this the case for everyone else? The process to connect works great. but then during the next refresh, even just a few minutes later will require authentication again. I’ve checked on the Capital one website and Tiller doesn’t show up as a Linked app. and there doesn’t appear to be a way to set up a third-party user.

This is how Capital One and Tiller work for me. Every refresh requires 2FA. Text. Very much a PIA. (But, not as bad as my brother’s bank - his requires a literal phone call so he’s abandoned Tiller.)

@fmykey , Same process for me. I am moving all my transactions to another card as a result. Problem solved. Blake

I have the same problem. I use Tiller for ~20 financial accounts and the CapitalOne account is the only one that behaves like this, super annoying.