Unable to download transactions from Capital One

Hello. New Tiller user here. I’m having trouble getting Capital One to download transactions. This is the response I received from them today:

Unable to Link with Open Banking

We are unable to link your account because the flow at the bank site was incomplete. Please try again later.

Anyone know what is going on?

Tiller has a spreadsheet they use and update of all known outages. You can read the article here that has an integrated spreadsheet and also a link to it in google sheets.

They keep this pretty well updated I’ve noticed.

Hope this helps.

Yes, I saw that yesterday the first time I tried to download. Today I was able to get to 2FA part before Cap One kicked me off.
The reason I asked was because I’m knew here and want to know if this is a frequent problem. Can you do a manual download?

So sorry you are having issues. I’ve had a Cap One bank account and credit card on Tiller for a couple of years now with no issues. Hope yours gets solved soon.

Thanks. Perhaps it will work tomorrow.
And it’s noting compared to my inability to get the category tracker to work.
Guess I need some fundamental training in Excel before using this system.
Too bad, it was highly recommended and looked good.

And now I seem to be in right area but I’m getting:

“Securely transferring you from
Tiller To Capital One…”

With a spinning circle.
It’s been spinning for the past five minutes.

I use Firefox as a browser. I attempted to add Capital One using other browsers. I used Edge and Chrome, both took me to an area of Capital One for authorization. Hooray!
At which point, Capital One informed me that none of my accounts were authorized.

This what I get from Capital One:

“Which accounts do you want to share data from?
You have no eligible accounts available to share”

Woot! It works with Brave! All Capital One accounts downloaded! Now where did they go?

Arg! It’s not showing any of my Capital One accounts in the Tiller Money feed.

Figured it out! You have to manually link them in the spreadsheet setting.

Hi @timothylmayer - sorry for your troubles here getting Cap One working. Interesting that Brave browser was the key, I hadn’t heard that before. When using Excel there is a little vertical … in the add-in that you can use to link more accounts to the spreadsheet, or yes you can do it right from the Tiller Console too.