Problems with Capital One feed

I have been trying to update my Capital One accounts, of which there are several. I get the attached message:

I go through the process of contacting Capital One, but when I get to their site, it does not tell me WHICH account is the one that isn’t syncing with Tiller. I called their Customer Service, and there really isn’t any way for them to tell which account isn’t syncing. The only advice they have is for me to check the balance of each account.

This kind of defeats the purpose of Tiller, don’t you agree?

I am paying for this service, so please, can we get this straightened out? This isn’t the first time it’s happened. It’s also happening with one of my Chase credit cards.

Thank you.

Hi @sandral18706,

Outages are, unfortunately, an inevitable issue. A tool that I’ve found helpful is this post:

If you have issues not addressed there, I would recommend contacting Tiller Money help instead of the bank. In most cases, the financial institutions don’t really worry about how their changes will affect syncing with products like Tiller, and sometimes make changes that break the connection. Unfortunately that means outages happen, but if you let Tiller Money know they can work to correct the issue.

In your case, on that post I linked to it looks like Capital One requires two-factor authentication. If you got to, log in, then scroll down to the accounts list you should be able to re-login to any bank account there. Hope this helps!

My Capital One account requires two factor authentication. My process is that I go to the console, (Tiller Money) and click on Refresh for Capital One, it pops up a box with options. My personal favorite is ‘text the code to me’ - I click on that, it sends me a 6 digit code which I enter into that box and then it updates just fine. Without that authentication step, however, it will never update for me.

I gave up my other Capital One accounts because of this. I only keep the one because it pays me big cash back bucks.

One time my BECU account required this kind of second authentication but usually it does not. I’ve never had Chase do it. But Capital One does it always.

I suspect, in your case, it is all the accounts you have at Capital One but, of course, no way to know until you check your Tiller sheet and see which accounts are not updating. You can easily spot this on your Balance tab.

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I have the same issue with Capital One. One time it was updated with the help of Tiller’s manager. But when I try by myself it does not work. Is there a chance Tiller will resolve this issue?

It’s not a Tiller issue or one that Tiller has any way to change. It’s a Capital One issue. It’s how they chose to interact with Yodlee, the service that sucks the data and feeds it to Tiller. So, really, no way they can resolve.


@matt–thanks for your response. I’ve checked my Capital One accounts, and they are all feeding correctly.
the only reason I can think of that might be causing a problem is this: On the Dashboard, I have two sets of Cap One accounts. They are basically the same accounts, save for one which is a credit card account called quicksilver, which I never use unless I’m on vacation.
Could the double listing be part of the problem? Many thanks!

My way around this (I have 2 accounts and one doesn’t feed with a refresh) is to edit credentials instead of using refresh.

@keith.hudson, I followed the steps for updating my credentials. I’m attaching a screenshot of what I got. It differs from the one on this web page:

Can anyone help with this, please? I don’t know why Cap One is being so stubborn.
EDIT: The top group (that says I refreshed a few seconds ago) is the one I tried to update credentials on).

Thank you.

Hi @sandral18706, I reached out via our official support channel about this issue.

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OK, I’ll wait to here from you or someone else re: this issue. Thanks!!

I am unable to “add sheets” becasue the “add on” never appears the left side bar? How do I generate tte prompt? Also I am lost I cannot on change the foundation sheets and do not know what to do next?

After I refresh and go through the text code process, I’m not seeing where it bringing in the new transactions to the spreadsheet. Is there a trick here?

Hi @davidshock05, I replied to your chat inquiry. I think you just needed to click “fill” in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on