New Capital One Credit Card Not Showing in Tiller Feeds

Hi everyone!

I am having trouble with my new Capital One credit card not showing up in Tiller transaction feeds. I have two Capital One accounts; the older one works fine, but the newer one (2 months old with a balance transfer) isn’t available for selection when I set up the feed. Checked native for guidance but didn’t help .

Has anyone else experienced this?

Any advice on how to resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance!

Thank you

I have the same issue, for me I’m an authorized user on the CC so that might be one reason.

Did you establish the Capital One connection back when you had just the older card, and then after connecting to Tiller, you added the second card? There is an option when you first connect an account to connect only specific existing accounts, or to connect any and all future accounts as well. If you first connected to Tiller when you had just the older card, you may not have clicked that button to allow future accounts to connect automatically. Have you tried the “Edit Credentials” button and re-enter your login information? Once the account is connected into Tiller, you then have to take an additional step to check off the box for that account on the specific sheet you want it to feed into.