Known Data Feed Issues & Workarounds



BEFORE posting a new topic in this category please review the below known issues list.

We update this topic frequently with know issues, behaviors, or workarounds we hear about via our chat and email support channels. Sometimes these are reported by customers other times we gain these insights by working directly with our data provider on an individual customer’s issue and believe they apply more broadly to many customers

General Issues/Limitations

The below are some limitations and important things to understand about Tiller Money’s financial data feeds.

  • We use a data provider to pull data from your banks. It’s a different provider than the one that Mint, Quicken, and Quickbooks use. The integration with this provider is unique to our product so the experience will be different than that of other tools that might also use the same provider.
  • If any of your accounts require two factor authentication or the automatic refresh capability has been disabled for your accounts you will need to refresh your accounts on the Tiller Console under Account Summary to make your data available. Read more on our help center here.
  • Insurance, utilities, and rewards account types are unsupported by our feeds at this time.
  • Credit card due dates and statement balances are unsupported by our feeds at this time.
  • Loans: As of September 2020 - Our data provider can pull the principal balance only.
  • Account balances cannot be pulled from closed accounts. This means that the final zero balance of a paid off loan or mortgage account will often need to be manually updated.

Global Institution Outages

Sometimes our data provider has a global outage with a specific institution that affects many or all customers that have accounts at that financial institution.

Check the Institution Outage Dashboard to see whether your issue is related to a global outage between our data provider and your specific institution.

Please be aware that Insitutiton Outage ETAs can get pushed, sometimes one day at a time, several times, for weeks (or in some cases months).

Generally if the start date is several months old we believe the support for the institution will be discontinued.

This is an automated sheet powered by global outage alert emails from our data provider that we periodically manually clean up if the data gets too stale (sometimes their alert system fails to send an email when something is resolved and the ETA has passed).

Read more about the Outage Dashboard on our help center.

Specific Institution Issues/Changes

Ally Bank

After the 2/20 outage, customers will be prompted for MFA as part of the refresh process as an additional step. This step may need to be performed each day to keep data flowing.

American Express

Loan account types are not supported.


Some Betterment customers have to turn on 2FA (with Authy App) to connect or refresh

Capital One

Two factor authentication requirements

Capital One requires customers to turn on two factor authentication. This requirement means you need to re-authenticate Capital One accounts on the Tiller Console any time you want to see recent data for these accounts.

Charles Schwab

As of June 10, 2021 a small segment of customers who have successfully upgraded to the open banking connection for Schwab are unable to refresh Schwab (receiving technical errors) or are not receiving transactions and balances for some of their Schwab accounts. This is a known issue that our data provider is working to address as soon as possible. Please check our Outage Dashboard for updates about an ETA on this issue.

Cash balances are not currently supported for Schwab 529 accounts.


As of Nov 3, 2020 Chase customers will need to upgrade their connections to use the new open banking authentication method in order to continue to receive Chase data after December 3, 2020.

Visit the Console at Sign in - Google Accounts and click “Connection > edit credentials” next to any Chase logins you have connected under the Account Summary and follow the prompts to upgrade your Chase connections.

This upgrade applies to the following sites:

Chase Cards (formerly First USA)
Chase (aka WaMu)
Blanchard Visa Card
America Online Visa Card
Austin Peay Visa Card
Buffalo State College Visa Card
Cal State Northridge Visa Card
Cal State Sacramento Visa Card
Central Washington University Visa Card
Citadel Visa Card
Cornell Visa Card
Community Credit Union Visa Card
Green Point Bank Visa Card
Yahoo! Visa Card
Individual Investor Visa Card
Lehigh Visa Card
NC State Visa Card
National Discount Brokers Visa Card
Northwestern University Visa Card
Ohio University Visa Card
San Jose State Visa Card
Southwest Airlines Visa Card
University of Arizona Visa Card
University of Maryland (College Park Visa Card)
University of Memphis Visa Card
Web Street Visa Card
York Federal Visa Card
World Master Card Visa Card
FNANB Online Visa Card
ALIANT Bank Credit Cards
Home Shopping Network
AARP Visa Card
Armed Forces Credit Card
Marriott Rewards Visa Card
Chase Amazon Visa
Chase United Mileage Plus Card

Read more about this here.


As of Oct 20, 2020 Citi customers will need to upgrade their connections to use the new open banking authentication method in order to continue to receive Citi data after November 17, 2020.

Visit the Console at Sign in - Google Accounts and click “Connection > edit credentials” next to any Citi logins you have connected under the Account Summary and follow the prompts to upgrade your Citi connections.

This upgrade applies to the following sites:

Citibank (
Costco Wholesale Credit Cards
AT&T Universal Card
Exxon Mobile Master Card
Citi Premier Pass Card
Hilton Honors Citi Card
Citibank Drivers Edge
Citi Credit Cards

Read more about this here.

Citi Mortgage (Cenlar)

New Login URL is: CENLAR FSB it was previously CENLAR FSB - customers need to aggregate under Citi Mortgage (Cenlar) search result not Cenlar Loan Login


Customers experiencing a data unavailable error should remove any unfunded or unused investment “folders” from their Ellevest dashboard as they seem to disrupt the data feed


Stock plans need to be aggregated under ETRADE - Employee Stock Plans - not under ETRADE.


Fidelity blocks refreshes between 5am– 8am PST and 12pm–2pm PST due to market volatility. Try refreshing the account from the Account Summary outside these hours.

Charitable-type accounts should be aggregated under Fidelity Charitable These accounts might show up under regular Fidelity Investments option, but will likely be missing balance and transaction information.

Fidelity @ Work 401(k) accounts should be aggregated under @ Work Other types of investment accounts should most often aggregate under Fidelity Investments, even if you can see those non-401k accounts under your Fidelity @ Work login.

Interactive Brokers

To connect Interactive brokers you must generate a token and query ID from the Interactive Brokers site.

  1. Login into Interactive Brokers @ Login
  2. Click on the User icon
  3. Select Manage Account
  4. Click on the gear icon for Third-party Services
  5. Check Yodlee to generate Token and Query ID
  6. Use the token/query ID to connect Interactive Brokers.

As of August 23, 2021 all customers who previously had Interactive Brokers connected will get a User Action Required error when they try to refresh IB until they re-authenticate with a token/query ID.

Perform the steps above then follow these steps

  1. Log in to the Tiller Console at
  2. Click “Connection > Edit credentials” for Interactive Brokers under Account Summary
  3. Enter the new token/query ID to re-authenticate

M1 Finance

Previously was supported, but some issues currently. Some customers report receiving balances but not transactions.

MBNA Canada

Customers cannot add accounts. Get a “We’re experiencing technical difficulties”

Minnesota 529

Requires granting aggregator access, message reads: Need to get access for your third-party aggregator? Log in to your 529 account, select “Profile & Documents,” then “Password & Security Features,” then “Manage Financial Aggregator Access.”


No longer supported due to their use of Google Captcha requirement in login process.


Some customers are experiencing an issue where they’re unable to refresh their PayPal accounts on the Console under Account Summary. The fix for this is to click “Add accounts” and add the account as if you’re adding it again for the first time and this should restore the connection. DO NOT delete the PayPal account first, this will result in duplicates.


Now requiring customers turn on 2FA.


Has a year end message asking customers to update profile, and this is blocking our data provider from reaching account page. Visit Questrade website to update profile.

RBC Royal

Sometimes the descriptions for these transactions come in generic as “interac purchase” this is a known issue that we have not been able to address. Also, some customers are getting duplicates related to pending status (with description as “Interac purchase”).

In the past we have not had any success in resolving either of these issues when contacting our data provider.

Southern Bank

You need to be enrolled in Online Banking at website in order to add account (not just mobile banking)


Some, but not all, customers experience large “batch” duplicates after statements are released.


Sept 2020 - many customers are reporting issues with USAA connections. We’re working closely with our data provider on this issue, but are considering it an outage at this point and have manually added it to the outage sheet.

USAA (investment accounts only)

USAA investment accounts are migrating to Charles Schwab in May 2020. In the Add Accounts flow, you will need to add the account (as if it were a brand new account) using the “Charles Schwab – Investments” search result. If you have already added “Charles Schwab – Investments” (perhaps because you have other Schwab accounts), we expect no action will be required. Migrated “USAA – Investments” accounts should begin appearing under “Charles Schwab – Investments” after May 26th, 2020.

Additionally, new Charles Schwab customers may need to grant Tiller Money access as a third party user. Please log in to and visit your Security Center, where you can click “Enable Third-Party Site Access.”


Vanguard is blocking our data provider access between 6AM PT and 1PM PT. If you’re trying to refresh or connect during that time window, please try again later.

April 2020

Customers may need to follow directions to allow unrecognized devices on bank site

Individual 529 College Savings Account will only show balances, no transactions.

Varo Money

As of 11/15/20, Varo Money is blocking aggregator access until their new site is complete (sometime in the coming months). This means we’ll be unable to connect to these accounts until then.


As of June 20, 2020, our data provider reports they do support 2FA security for these accounts. If you have 2FA turned on, we believe you will now be able to add these accounts to Tiller successfully.


Wealthsimple customers in the U.S.: U.S. Wealthsimple accounts have moved to Betterment.

  • If Betterment is already listed under Tiller Console > Account Summary, then click Connection > Edit credentials to aggregate your Wealthsimple accounts under Betterment.

  • If Betterment is not listed under Tiller Console > Account Summary, then click Add Accounts > search for Betterment > complete the prompts to aggregate your accounts. More information can be found here: FAQ for Wealthsimple Customers | Betterment

Wealthsimple customers in Canada: If you already had Wealthsimple connected, and you’re no longer able to refresh the accounts, you may need to re-aggregate the accounts under a different search result.

You should see “Wealthsimple WASI” in the Tiller Console > Account Summary. If you only see “Wealthsimple” (without the WASI) you need to re-add the account. In the Tiller Console > Add Accounts, search for and use the Wealthsimple WASI search result to re-add your accounts.


Requires using the mobile phone 2FA option to connect successfully. Yodlee does not support the email 2FA option.

National Bank of Canada feeds have not worked for months - could you add them to your list?

Thanks for the information @gillian. The connection to National Bank of Canada is still in beta with our data provider. That means you may experience some connection issues, or are unable to get it connected at all, until it’s fully supported. We don’t have insight into when it will be fully supported
Hopefully the connection to this institution improves sooner than later! Thanks again.

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Thank @gillian and @warren. I’m a newbie here and experiencing the same issues with Canadian (Motus Bank and Stack). From reading around, it appears that connection issues with these two are a result of increased security features. Given the drive for more security rather than less, it seems that the service provider should have a workaround by now. Any chance of Tiller, as the client of the service provider, pressing for a resolution? It seems that this would be a benefit to all parties, including your clients. :slight_smile:

Tiller is not allowing a connection to Discover Bank Student Loans. It is throwing a technical error when adding the account. My guess is that Discover is trying to prompt a security authentication question which is not being shown to the Tiller user so then it eventually times out.

Discover Bank savings accounts are encountering similar behavior. Balances update with manual refreshes, but transactions are not pulled over.

Thanks for the update on Discover Bank here. We’re seeing other customers experiencing issues as well. We’re submitting a service request with our data provider. Please reach out via Chat to have us triage your specific account issues.

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Hi @heather , just to add to the Discover problems:
Historically, my Discover card and Discover Bank would automatically refresh without a problem. Now, I can manually refresh the credit card to get updates. However, the Discover Bank gets the same technical error as mentioned by @baldwinmbb. When I try to do a manual refresh, it will ask for username & password, then returns a request to for UserID or Phone Number that was used to register. After entering the confirmation, the technical error comes up.
Discover Error

I have spoken with Discover a couple of times, and they say they cannot see any reason why the technical error is occurring - since I am entering all the right info. They suggested I reach out to you.

And so you know, when I go to Discover’s web page, I use one login to access both accounts. After entering my username/password, I get the choice of which account I would like to review.

Also, if we cannot get this error to resolve, how can I convert the feed to a manual update so that I can continue to track the Discover Bank account. I have not been able to update for 6 months

Thanks so much.

It looks like Discover Bank transactions are being pulled normally as of this morning. Today’s refresh pulled down about 3 weeks’ worth of missing transactions. Thanks for bringing this to your data provider’s attention and getting it resolved!

Hey @heather - I use Partners Federal Credit Union and I noticed sometime the beginning of this month, the transaction tab is no longer getting an updated data feed from my bank.

I see that Partners Federal Credit Union is depicted in the graph under the Daily High Refresh Failure Trends. How can I resolve this?

Hi @eestrada234 - there isn’t a way to resolve it at this time.

We post the high failures screenshot about once a day to give an indication of institutions that are failing to refresh, but these generally A) resolve on their own after some time B) end up on the Outage list.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

@warren Any updates with USAA? Still getting an error after the “Gathering Information” is timing out. Your spreadsheet has an ETA of 9/13/20. Also, the workaround you all prescribed doesn’t workaround.

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@heather I’m having the same issue with USAA. Would love to get this resolved :slight_smile:

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I have the same issue. I just noticed on the login page for USAA, they have indicated a new Login in October 2020. No information is provided in addition to that.

We do not have an update on the USAA issue but it is on our Outage list currently due to the high volume of failures.

USAA now works, for me. Yesterday was day 6 and was not working, so I enabled the Cyber Token feature. The Cybertoken feature which sends me numbers via text or email. Now, I did this yesterday and today upon using this feature within the TillerHQ site it worked. Not sure if USAA is now working or if it’s because I used their lame 2FA feature. I hope it works for you guys.

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We are now seeing good success rates for our customers with USAA. Our data provider did confirm that the cybertoken feature was not the cause or solution to this particular issue, which was site based. @bennems success was likely just a coincidence.

And yes, USAA has announced upcoming changes to their login procedures for mid October, so we will be monitoring this with our data provider.

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FWIW, I’m still unable to retrieve information from USAA for about a month now - I try refreshing every day. It asks for an email address to send a code, I enter the code and it tries to refresh for about a minute before reverting to the option to ‘Refresh’

:wave:, @billimek. Thanks for the update. Do you mind reaching out directly via chat to us if you haven’t already so we can escalate your issue to our data provider? We’ve made some good progress on reducing the issues, but there are some lingering and generally are due to customer site layout variations. Thanks!

I’ve been having issues with Interactive Brokers for more than a month, but don’t see them in the Outage Dashboard. Tried to update manually many times with no success. Anyone has similar experience?