Known Data Feed Issues & Workarounds



BEFORE posting a new topic in this category please review the below known issues list.

We update this topic frequently with know issues, behaviors, or workarounds we hear about via our chat and email support channels. Sometimes these are reported by customers other times we gain these insights by working directly with our data provider on an individual customer’s issue and believe they apply more broadly to many customers

General Issues/Limitations

The below are some limitations and important things to understand about Tiller Money’s financial data feeds.

  • We use a data provider to pull data from your banks. It’s a different provider than the one that Mint, Quicken, and Quickbooks use. The integration with this provider is unique to our product so the experience will be different than that of other tools that might also use the same provider.
  • If any of your accounts require two factor authentication or the automatic refresh capability has been disabled for your accounts you will need to refresh your accounts on the Tiller Console under Account Summary to make your data available. Read more on our help center here.
  • Insurance, utilities, and rewards account types are unsupported by our feeds at this time.
  • Credit card due dates and statement balances are unsupported by our feeds at this time.

Global Institution Outages

Sometimes our data provider has a global outage with a specific institution that affects many or all customers that have accounts at that financial institution.

Check the Institution Outage Dashboard to see whether your issue is related to a global outage between our data provider and your specific institution.

Please be aware that Insitutiton Outage ETAs can get pushed, sometimes one day at a time, several times, for weeks (or in some cases months).

Generally if the start date is several months old we believe the support for the institution will be discontinued.

This is an automated sheet powered by global outage alert emails from our data provider that we periodically manually clean up if the data gets too stale (sometimes their alert system fails to send an email when something is resolved and the ETA has passed).

Read more about the Outage Dashboard on our help center.

Specific Institution Issues/Changes

Ally Bank

After the 2/20 outage, customers will be prompted for MFA as part of the refresh process as an additional step. This step may need to be performed each day to keep data flowing.

Capital One

May 2020 Outage
We’ve recently become aware that our data provider is having an outage with Capital One. This outage means you may not be able to refresh accounts or add new Capital One accounts. Please do not delete your existing account connections as a troubleshooting step.

Many customers have been able to restore the connection to Capital One as of Monday 5/18. Some have had success by clicking the “Add Accounts” button on the Console at and re-connecting as if you were adding the account for the first time WITHOUT deleting the connection first.

We will update this thread if we find out more information or potential workarounds to these issues.
Thanks for your patience.

Two factor authentication requirements

Capital One requires customers to turn on two factor authentication. This requirement means you need to re-authenticate Capital One accounts on the Tiller Console any time you want to see recent data for these accounts.

Citibank Credit Cards

We have recently received an update from our data provider that they are merging two URLs associated with Citi under a single URL/aggregation stream. This may impact your data feeds. We expect these migrations to continue through April 6, 2020. As we learn more about the impacts we’ll update here.

Update as of 4/30
If you’re still having issues with Citibank, try clicking “Add accounts” on the Account Summary in the Console at and search for Citibank and re-add your Citibank credit cards as if you were adding them for the first time. This should resume the connection without duplicates.

Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers now requires customer to generate a token ID as part of the account connection process. IB customers are able to generate a token and query ID that can be used to connect to Yodlee from the Client Portal by going to > Settings > Account Settings > Third-party Services > select Mint > Save.


Our data provider does not support 2FA for this institution. If you have 2FA turned on you will not be able to add these accounts to Tiller.

Discover Bank

Support for this institution restored as of Dec 19, 2019


Now requiring customers turn on 2FA.

M1 Finance

Previously was supported, but some issues currently. Some customers report receiving balances but not transactions.


Believe 2FA is not supported.

Wealthsimple WASI

Canadian based Wealthsimple is now BETA and customers trying to add will fail with a technical error.


Our data provider does not support 2FA for this institution. If you have 2FA turned on you will not be able to add these accounts to Tiller.


Stock plans need to be aggregated under ETRADE - Employee Stock Plans - not under ETRADE.

RBC Royal

Sometimes the descriptions for these transactions come in generic as “interac purchase” this is a known issue that we have not been able to address. Also, some customers are getting duplicates related to pending/posted status.

MBNA Canada

Customers cannot add accounts. Get a “We’re experiencing technical difficulties”

Wells Fargo

2FA authentication (OTP) is required only during aggregation (add-account) and not for all regular refreshes. Customers will get a “the site needs you to do something” error if they do not have it set up with Wells Fargo


Some, but not all, customers experience large “batch” duplicates after statements are released.


No longer supported due to their use of Google Captcha requirement in login process.


Has a year end message asking customers to update profile, and this is blocking our data provider from reaching account page. Visit Questrade website to update profile.

Minnesota 529

Requires granting aggregator access, message reads: Need to get access for your third-party aggregator? Log in to your 529 account, select “Profile & Documents,” then “Password & Security Features,” then “Manage Financial Aggregator Access.”

American Express

Loan account types are not supported.


Charitable type accounts need to be aggregated under Fidelity Charitable These accounts might show up under regular Fidelity Investments option, but will likely be missing balance and transaction information


Customers reporting that they cannot connect USAA or re-authenticate due to a timeout error can try the following workaround. While refreshing from the Account Summary, after 2FA/MFA is entered, and the refresh process indicates “gathering data," click the x in the upper right of that page to return to the Tiller Console and within a few moments the data should be available for update.

USAA (investment accounts only)

USAA investment accounts are migrating to Charles Schwab in May 2020. In the Add Accounts flow, you will need to add the account (as if it were a brand new account) using the “Charles Schwab – Investments” search result. If you have already added “Charles Schwab – Investments” (perhaps because you have other Schwab accounts), we expect no action will be required. Migrated “USAA – Investments” accounts should begin appearing under “Charles Schwab – Investments” after May 26th, 2020.

Additionally, new Charles Schwab customers may need to grant Tiller Money access as a third party user. Please log in to and visit your Security Center, where you can click “Enable Third-Party Site Access.”


Customers experiencing a data unavailable error should remove any unfunded or unused investment “folders” from their Ellevest dashboard as they seem to disrupt the data feed

Amazon Store Card (Synchrony)

As of April 27 many customers are seeing duplicate transactions and “and added HTML tags” in the descriptions. We have a few open service requests with our data provider on these issues and they should resolve on their own after some time. You can remove the duplicates manually or use the Duplicate Manager from Tiller Labs.


Some customers are experiencing an issue where they’re unable to refresh their PayPal accounts on the Console under Account Summary. The fix for this is to click “Add accounts” and add the account as if you’re adding it again for the first time and this should restore the connection. DO NOT delete the PayPal account first, this will result in duplicates.

President’s Choice

President’s Choice is currently blocking our data provider’s IPs (May 2020). If you’ve already connected these accounts to your Tiller Console, it’s likely they will no longer refresh. If you’re trying to add the account for the first time, we will be unable to establish a successful connection.

National Bank of Canada feeds have not worked for months - could you add them to your list?

Thanks for the information @gillian. The connection to National Bank of Canada is still in beta with our data provider. That means you may experience some connection issues, or are unable to get it connected at all, until it’s fully supported. We don’t have insight into when it will be fully supported
Hopefully the connection to this institution improves sooner than later! Thanks again.

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