Data quality changes with some bank feeds

I have found that the Yodlee feeds seem to be going in the wrong direction over the past year: less detail, rather than more. I have multiple mortgage and brokerage accounts, and the ability to download the interest/principle/ transaction/fee details has degraded for my LPL and mortgage feeds. I now get balances without transactions from LPL, and payment amounts without breakdowns from mortgage lenders.
Without this detail, a lot of the self-built functionality I created in Excel to predict taxes for the year no longer works unless I go back to statements retroactively and enter it all manually, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of this tool.
Now that MSFT in on board, will we have more leverage with Yodlee and the financial institutions to force more detail out of them?

hi @scottspamkiller,

Thanks so much for the feedback here and your question.

If you’re no longer getting transactions for some accounts, but are getting balances, that’s something to write to our support team about using the chat tool in the lower right corner of the Console at, if you haven’t already, to work with Yodlee to continue pulling that information.

As for the specific detail from Yodlee, if that’s changed, it could be due to the financial institution making changes to their website that Yodlee didn’t incorporate into (or know about) when they fixed the integration - usually connections to smaller sites break when they make changes to their websites because they don’t proactively communicate these changes to Yodlee. We can also try to troubleshoot that to see if there is a way to resume the greater detail.

As for Microsoft being on board, we’re not sure that will give us additional leverage with Yodlee at this point, but it’s an interesting thought. As you can imagine, maintaining good quality connections with 20K+ institutions is an incredible feat and Yodlee really focuses on the major players (as defined by overall total accounts/refresh volume) and those institutions moving toward open banking.

I am sorry to see Money for Excel go. I was just about to cancel my Tiller account when the notice came up that Excel Money was going away. I have accounts that I still have problems with Tiller updates as you said they are not major players so Yodlee probably doesn’t care. I have no problems with these accounts in Money.

I have just switched from Money in Excel to Tiller. I have found the transaction download to be smoother so far and in addition, I can get transactions for my brokerage accounts now. I found that with Microsoft/Plaid interface, my updates would often fail or even miss some transactions. Separately, support was a nightmare there.

Thanks so much for your feedback here @buzzmaster1! Glad it’s working smoothly for you.

@tillerjb39, if you’re having issues with one of your connections I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at and we can take a closer look.

It is true that Yodlee prioritizing fixing issues related to larger institutions, but we will still work with them for smaller institutions, it just may take a bit longer to get the issue resolved.