Is there any hope that US Bank will ever feed transactions again?

In March and April, there was just no connection. I assumed it was a US Bank issue, as they went through a technology change. In May, the TillerHQ connection showed a good connection, but no transactions would come through. Is this still a US Bank issue? Is there an expectation that Tiller will ever be able to pull US Bank data again?

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There is currently an outage for U.S. Bank and the fix ETA keeps getting pushed. U.S. Bank hasn’t worked reliably for the last several months and has been on and off the Institution Alerts list consistently for the last two years.

Our data provider is working on an open banking connection, which will resolve the issues, but we do not have a release date for this more reliable connection just yet. Most likely it is still several months out. We will post an announcement in the Community when we have a date for the open banking connection and in the meantime you stay up to date on the progress in this thread.

We recommend manually tracking this account until it’s working again.

It seems unlikely that the data feed from US Bank or any of the 250 plus other institutions on the Alert Notification List will be resolved anytime soon. In my opinion that should make all Tiller users question whether the Tiller model is really a better solution for personal financial management.
Don’t get me wrong, this is not a case of a small company deceiving its customers to make a buck; it’s about a small company that doesn’t have the revenue base to command the attention of a major financial data aggregator like Yodlee.
Those of us who can’t pull our checking and savings activity from our bank or credit union are quite miniscule in the universe of financial data aggregation.

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Thanks for this feedback @samstage49. We are working diligently (though most of it is behind the scenes right now) to do what we can to address the data feed issues we’re experiencing with Yodlee, particularly with some of these major players like U.S. Bank and USAA. I wish I could give more specifics and timelines, but it is a top priority for us to improve the reliability of our feeds as they’re the core of our service.

The original estimate of open banking with US Bank was q2 of this year. We are in the last day of Q2…any idea when this might be resolved? Is there an option for an alternative to Yodlee? Manual entry isn’t the answer and patience with the team hasn’t resolved anything. What is the plan?

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Hi @pchristopherclark - I totally understand your frustration with the delay here. Unfortunately, we still don’t have any news on this. We are considering an alternative/secondary aggregator, but that is definitely not a faster solve at this point as it’s a lot of work to implement that. We really appreciate your patience.


Maybe it is time to look into a different data provider. The wonderful software you have built is now useless and it seems to be because of Yodlee. There really must be a way to make Tiller work again.

hey y’all :wave: U.S. bank will be enabled for open banking tomorrow August 8th.

We’re fine tuning our official announcement, but just wanted to share here first. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

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It seems to be not working again. Is there anything US Bank customers could do? Request this service be a priority from US Bank? It seems like the bank is the issue if so many other banks can make this work.