How well do your bank feeds work?

As you know, better bank feeds are a top priority this year. We are eager to crowdsource your wisdom and experience with Tiller but also with bank feeds beyond Tiller. This is a quick three question survey. We’d love to hear from you! Thanks, -Peter

Quick survey link: What is your bank connection experience?


They dont work at all. Some of the lesser important feeds, like a small account I have at a credit union, and even my larger Capital One feed work well. But the one feed i have which I really need, my fidelity investments feed, which is my main banking feed as well, does not work and has not been working for over 3 months. This makes Tiller essentially useless to me. Further i have done my part to troubleshoot including turning off symantec authentication (which worked fine for a while anyway) and removing any browser based potential things like pop up blockers. But nothing works and I was told that there are 3pct of Fidelity users who are having ongoing feed issues. That info is useless to me unless i know that someone is making it a priority to fix the issue. At this point I want to know the exact details because i dont trust that Tillers troubleshooting team knows how to eliminate non-causes and get to the root of the problem. Tiller is nothing without bank feeds and so I would think you would have relationships with multiple aggregators not just Yodlee. I know for a fact that MX aggregation works with Fidelity even with 2FA turned on. So no, my feeds dont work well and i dont feel like Tiller is helping me resolve this. I would appreciate some transparency. Tiller is the only financial manager that works with spreadsheets which is what i want/need but now its been over 3 months of down time. Please dont tell me to import manually - i dont need Tiller for that

Thanks @joek for the reply (and thanks everyone for filling out the survey - it’s been very helpful, and if you haven’t yet please do!).

I totally understand your frustration.

We rely on our aggregator partners for the bank connections. The specific issue with Fidelity has to do with our aggregator’s ability to pull the data from Fidelity. When it doesn’t work, we can file a service request, and as you know that requires time and patience.

To better serve more banks, we are currently adding an additional aggregator, and one of the core selection criteria is ensuring that we can connect with more banks. This survey is one of many data points that will inform that work. We are also testing aggregators currently and internally have another aggregator running to get real world experience. This is a top priority for all the reasons you’ve stated: you want Tiller to work well with all of your banks. We agree!

Thanks for the reply. I am very vested in using tiller and I appreciate that you are looking for other solutions to feed issues.