Vanguard Feeds Issue

Anyone else having issues with their Vanguard feed? Mine are no longer working and when I go to “edit” the feed Tiller returns an error.

Having the same issue here.

I’m having the same issue.

Vanguard is working fine on Personal Capital (which also uses Yodlee). Can someone (tagging @heather for visibility) please investigate and resolve? This, along with the Ally Bank issue is really hindering my ability to track my finances.

Well, right after I posted this, it seems to be working.

I had the same issue for the past 2 days. I was getting the “Edit” link on the Tiller admin page

But today, without me doing anything, Vanguard is working again. Green circles on admin page.

@jonorlin someone at vanguard probably just had to turn it off and back on again.


Vanguard is not currently on the Outage list.

If you’d like help troubleshooting feeds please write into directly. I can’t triage and resolve via community because I can’t efficiently access the logs from the information available here. A lot of the triage process is best done in a 1:1 conversation due to sometime sensitive nature of the process (e.g. we often need screenshots in order to contact our data provider). Totally fine to get a pulse check from community on if others are having issues.


Thanks for the response! Sorry to call you out via mention, @heather, but you’ve been helpful in other posts so you were my go to.

As mentioned above, it seems to have resolved itself.

Thanks for all the hard work, you’ve got a great product.