Trouble connecting to Vanguard (Resolved)

2023-03-11 I’ve never had a problem retrieving data from my Vanguard account until 3 days ago.

I am able to login directly on the Vanguard login page but, for some reason, Vanguard isn’t allowing Tiller / Yodlee to login. This is even after refreshing my login credentials in Tiller.

Hopefully, this will be resolved soon. I mention it here to request Tiller staff report this connection issue with Yodlee.

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I am having the same issue. It stopped working about 3 days back.

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I am having the same issue. It is on the Institutional Outages list.

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Is the Institutional Outages list something maintained by Tiller or another organization?

It is maintained by Tiller.

I’m having the same issue

I haven’t been able to get transactions from Vanguard for at least 5 days now. Is anyone working to resolve this?

Heather- is there something wrong with the Tiller Vanguard connection? It has not worked for several days?

@norm.thiele Vanguard sites are all unavailable per the outage dashboard.

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Thanks Marc- what is the meaning of the list? What doe outage mean? Any idea when the Vanguard outage will be remedied?


Hi sorry, I should have provided the following link instead for context. The issues normally get resolved within a week or so but some can linger on for awhile.

Vanguard still not connecting. Any help?

The outage spreadsheet estimates 3-17 as the date it will be fixed.

Until the outage clears from the Institution Alerts dashboard, there isn’t more we can do to get Vanguard working. Please keep an eye on the ETA as often times it will get extended.


The alerts board is invaluable. It saves so much time troubleshooting!

How does the ETA get populated? Is it an educated guess or based on something more?

The ETA comes from our data provider’s alert email system. We then scrape the email using a script and add the data to that dashboard.

But it’s really just a best guess on their part. I’d recommend just thinking of it as the date to come back and check on whether the issue is still there.

Right on. Thanks. I’d wondered with Vanguard if it was a tax season thing. They have their fixed hours each day when they don’t allow updates, so I wondered if they were keeping traffic down for those seeking tax-related documents. Just a theory!

Possibly. But Mint’s data provider does not seem to have the same issues.

I see that Tiller keeps pushing out the ETA for the fix on the Vanguard connection - frustrating.

@bltcfo - sorry for your frustrations here. Our data provider, Yodlee, is pushing the ETA, it’s not something we’re in control of at this time. We hope Vanguard will be working again soon. It is a high volume institution so I know they’re working to get it back up and running as quickly as possible!