How to find a bank with first-class Tiller syncing?

Ever since my current bank unexpectedly changed its login policy to require MFA, I’ve been feeling frustrated by the length of time it takes just to begin looking at my finances in Tiller.

I’d like to change banks, but I’m having trouble choosing a replacement; There don’t seem to be any resources online for comparing banks from the perspective of "syncs flawlessly with Yodlee."*

My questions, then…

  • Does anyone have a bank that syncs automatically, without MFA and without long delays?
  • If not, got any bright ideas for other ways I might find such a bank?

@heather The ideal here would be for Tiller to weigh in directly, but perhaps y’all can’t make suggestions here for reasons of liability? I would think that it would be in both yours and Yodlee’s interest to have a list of “frictionless sync” banks, which one can imagine building automatically based on objective, anonymized data. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

*For those who don’t know about Yodlee, Tiller uses Yodlee behind the scenes to do the actual data transfer from your bank to your spreadsheet.


I regularly poll 7 different financial institutions to fill my Tiller sheet.

Capital One - so bad, I recently closed 3 accounts there.
Chase - I had one issue one time. resolved in a day. No 2fa requirement.

These are ones I have never had a single feed failure and none require any special handling (like 2fa):

Citi (although this is relatively new so could be false positive)

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I have been using Tiller for 16 months now.

I have never ever had an issue with Discover Bank.

DO NOT USE CAPITAL ONE. I have not closed the account yet, but I have moved all transactions to other cards.


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That’s a nice start. I’ll check out your recomendations, @susandennis & @Blake. :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, if anyone comes along who has had a great experience with other credit unions / smaller banks, please keep the conversation going!

Man this is a big one for me too. I literally just gambled on a bank swap this week not knowing how Tiller would handle it. Maybe it would be best to just change the name of the Tiller “Institution Outages” spreadsheet to something like “Institution Statuses” and have one sheet for outages and another sheet listing all connectable banks, and note if they will auto update or require MFA work to refresh, etc.

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I am pretty new to Tiller and I love everything about it except the MFA struggle with about half of my institutions. I’m going to take some others’ advice and try to move away from Capital One for this reason to cut down on time waiting for texts/emails from robots every week.

I gave this question a Google, and found this helpful page (even if it’s published by a Tiller competitor):

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Discover and Simple work great for me - never any issues. Simple even easily imports my Savings Goals account balances and the account I share with my partner. I also use Capital One, and with the new MFA refresh tool in the Tiller Money Console it works well. But Simple and Discover are seamless.

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Turns out I have discovered an issue with Simple Bank that, according to Tiller, is not mine alone. It is not feeding the transactions associated with the Protected Goals Account (which is Simple’s name for it’s high interest savings account). This is not a huge deal but annoying and, in my mind, knocks it out of the Perfect For Tiller list or at least down a peg.

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I’ve had pretty good success with Alliant Credit Union. Occasionally the MFA will get persnickity and I have to refresh but it happens so infrequently that I don’t mind.

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We don’t have any official recommendations at this time as we don’t have any data available about what works best and what is less than ideal right now.

I personally use Self Help Credit Union (maybe limited to certain states) and it works pretty flawlessly right now, but they aren’t requiring 2FA only multi-factor security questions.

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Just a headsup.

See a lot of crapping on Capital One but them not being able to sync actually means they are the most secure of them all.

Sucks to not work. And almost stopped using tiller with this recent downtime. But instead I just went to and got someone to format my transactions for 3 dollars a week.

@Mking I’m curious what the format is for the export from Capital One? If you can share the headers in a CSV file I can see if any of the existing import tools via the Labs add-on would work for that format or perhaps suggest a special build for it, especially since it’s so popular and such a problem connection.