Faster, more reliable data feeds with open banking are here

It’s great to see the move towards Open Banking. Yodlee was in the news not too long ago because it was revealed that their standard developer agreement includes giving permission to Yodlee for them to use end user’s financial data for other purposes, including in anonymized aggregate data products they provide. Is it the case that Tiller users’ financial data can be used by Yodlee in this way?

@heather - the Early Access Request form was missing a comments field. Is it possible to only upgrade my Citi account manually at this time?

@ings625 thanks for asking. In response to questions in the news, Yodlee has clarified how they manage customer data, and you can read more here:

@RachelB - there is not a way to only migrate Citi - it’s an all or nothing migration.

Why do I need to authorize access to my statements for citi? You only need my transactions. This may seem like 6 of one and a half dozen of another, but I don’t understand why you think you need this. Granted, this is better than the current solution, but least privilege is important. Who defines the scopes requested by your application?

Does this apply to store-branded cards serviced by Citi? I tried updating one but there was no difference in the process.

What is the distinction between transactions and statements? I suspect this is semantics.

That would be the data provider. In any event, this is far less access than you’re currently giving.

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it’s a citi thing, not a card thing. i did the upgrade once from the console and that was it. did my two citi bank accounts, my citi mastercard and my citi costco visa - all together as one. the only difference i can see is that updating from the console is a hair faster.

@dave007 we do not define nor have control over the scopes of what is accessed, this is between Citi and our data provider, Yodlee. More than likely the previous connection method already had access to the Statements so this is probably not new. What is new is that you have more insight into exactly what’s being accessed.

@aronos, the Citi sites/cards that this is available for are listed here: Known Data Feed Issues & Workarounds

Thanks @heather. I saw that and at this point I’m assuming “Citi Credit Cards” means Citi branded cards, rather than all cards serviced by Citi.

I have 4 cards that are serviced by Citi but aren’t branded as Citi cards. They all show up in their own sections on the Tiller console so they seem to be handled differently.

Is there any news regarding UK banks that support open banking since more than a year now :slight_smile: I am still waiting for my sheets to wake up from their dormant state.

This is exciting news! Innovation takes time with banks and at least its in progress for open banking. I’m hoping for great things in the future. I believe Capital One works this way (at least with Mint login going directly through Capital One website).

Capital One has had a developer api for a long time but I don’t think Yodlee uses it, which is frustrating and annoying. They may have been waiting for the Open Banking started to be adopted.

Statements contain far more data than simple transactions, which are all you need for Sheets to do its job. A list of transactions does not contain name, address, late/missed payment data, complete account number (see Chase statements), or anything else the company decides to include.

And yes, obviously I know it’s less access, but that doesn’t make the alternative correct.

The previous connection method had access to everything because it could just scrape everything. OAuth should be giving the power to the end user to determine which data they would like to release. Sheets needs a list of transactions, and perhaps current balance. No more, no less.

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@emreoztimur no news on the EU/UK front. We’re still not officially registered in the EU/UK so we still can’t offer automated feeds to those banks at this time.

We’ve added Chase to the list today ! :tada:


Got my Chase accounts setup quickly and easily. Very exciting!


Me too! I’m looking forward to additional open banking conversions in the future.

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Hi @heather. I am having trouble with Schwab and tried a private browsing session and received this error: Screen Shot 2021-04-09 at 6.23.36 PM

Hi @hintz.jeffrey

I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at