What’s new with our Tiller Money updated Terms of Service

At Tiller Money, we’re intentional with how we deliver our service and honor the trust all of our customers place in us. One of the ways we communicate this is through our Terms of Service. We updated our Tiller Money Terms of Service last week, the first update in years, and it includes several improvements.

From the beginning we’ve worked to be careful with how we manage customers and data. A key differentiator with Tiller Money is that our revenue comes from subscriptions. We don’t sell ads. We don’t sell data. We also work hard to make sure that the humans here don’t see customer transactions and balances, because we believe your privacy is important.

Given this, our Terms of Service update was driven by three priorities.

First, we wanted to be more concise to facilitate transparency with you. This update more clearly differentiates between user content from blogs and our community (which we share and promote) versus financial data (which we work hard to protect).

Second, we wanted to incorporate new terms related to last week’s launch of open banking. The launch of open banking is a big win for customers. Starting with Citi now and Chase in the coming weeks (more to follow soon), you no longer will need to share bank credentials in order to link an account. Instead, we take you to your bank site where you can grant Tiller Money read-only access through a secure interface that the bank has built just for this purpose. To support open banking, we’ve added some updates in our Terms of Service that describe our relationship with Yodlee.

Third, we’re including the Tiller Money Community in this new Terms of Service. Previously our community had its own Terms of Service. Since it’s launch one year ago, the community has taken off with thousands of members. It’s a core part of Tiller Money, and to simplify we’ve merged its terms (including norms around building a spirit of community and sharing ideas) into a single, consolidated Tiller Money Terms of Service.

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