Updated Subscription Pricing for New Customers

Hello Tiller Money Community,

Over the past year, we’ve made significant investments in Tiller Money’s service:

  • We introduced the Tiller Money Feeds add-on to automate financial feeds in any Google Sheet, giving you powerful ownership and control of your financial data.
  • We launched the vibrant Tiller Money Community, a faster way to find answers, ask questions, and connect with fellow Tiller Money users.
  • We created the flexible Foundation Template, making it easier to budget, track expenses, and get meaningful insights from your transaction data
  • And we built dozens of new templates, reports, and other solutions in our new Tiller Money Labs add-on.
  • Finally, we expanded our support team to help our growing base of customers.

We have much more planned for the year ahead.

As we plan our roadmap into the next several years, what’s core to Tiller Money has become even more clear. We will provide the best service, with the most reliable feeds, plus a supportive community for everyone who wants to optimize their financial lives via the power of spreadsheets.

Supporting you, our customers, means being here for the long haul. You are using Tiller Money to plan your future. We will be here for that future. Growing our total number of customers isn’t enough. We also need to move towards profitability.

Tiller Money hasn’t raised our price since we launched in 2016. Today we are raising our price for new customers to $79 per year.

We believe in sustaining Tiller Money through simple, transparent subscription fees, rather than ads, promotions, or any other business model that turns our customers into a product. We will never serve you ads or monetize Tiller Money through your data.

We are grateful for your support.



still a great value, glad to see tiller is working on making itself sustainable!


@peter congratulations on raising prices to help Tiller’s sustainability! As a big Tiller Money fan (for both me and my clients) I’ve noticed the awesome work you and your team have put in and think this is a very reasonable price increase.

Most importantly, I’m thrilled to hear that Tiller Money will be around for the long haul!


Agreed, very much worth it!


Is there a plan to look into fixing the issues for UK banks - I’d love to become a subscriber again!


@laurencekellett, we do hope to offer support for EU/UK banks again in the future. We don’t have a timeline yet, but it’s unlikely to be this year. We can’t wait for you to become a subscriber again too and we’ll definitely reach out when we’ve resumed access to those feeds.

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Hello Tiller team,

does that mean I’m now a grandfather :man_white_haired: ? For ever?

Dangit, missed it by less than a month! Well, congrats on your business growth and excited to try the product.

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