Updates to the Tiller Money Community

Updates to the Tiller Money Community!

We’ve made some improvements to the way the community is organized to make it easier than ever for you to find answers, ask questions, and collaborate.

Here are some guidelines for what’s new:

We’ll continue tweaking things until we get it just right to help better guide you as you ask questions.

We encourage you to use tags for topics when you create them like “tracking, networth, budgeting, etc”

Each Labs solution has a tag associated with it to ensure relevant topics show up in the Tiller Labs add-on under About solutions. We’ll be working to make it easier to apply these tags to the questions you have about Labs solutions in the coming weeks so things stay tidy and easy for others to find.


Team Tiller; I found this reorganization VERY helpful! (Figuring out which floating box of issues was relevant to my concern or wish to post in the past layout and approach was bewildering to me.) Great improvement. :+1: :+1: :+1:


This is the best! And the explanations are crisp and clear. For me, this community is a huge part of Tiller’s value. Thank you!


Hi @heather, I know I’m a bit late to see it but I gotta say I really like the updates! Thanks for all the work you do (and that the rest of your team does) to make this community a useful and interactive resource.

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