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Welcome to the Tiller Money Community! We’re glad you’re here.

The Tiller Money Community is a place to share and seek inspiration and guidance on using your Tiller Money-powered spreadsheets. Guidance comes from the Tiller Money team as well as knowledgeable and friendly community members - fellow Tiller Money enthusiasts.

About the Community

Use the community to get help, start a conversation, or share something you’ve built or your favorite workflow with Tiller Money. This community is also where we post news and announcements about products, keep you informed about known issues, and curate feature requests.

Annual Community Events

Every year we host an annual community event to give members something to look forward to and participate in beyond the day to day Q&A, troubleshooting, and show & tell. This annual event takes place in October every year. Be sure to “watch” the annual-event tag for announcements about our annual community event!

Getting help

Community vs Tiller Money Support

The Tiller Money Community is where support, conversation, and troubleshooting happens for templates, tools, and solutions installed via the Tiller Labs add-on for Google Sheets. The Tiller Labs add-on and it’s tools, solutions, and workflows are lightly tested and rapidly shipped making it ripe for discussion, experimentation, and refinement. This community facilitates the development and support of Labs tools due to the one-to-many and collaborative dynamic of a community forum.

The Tiller Money Support team is best suited to answer questions or troubleshoot issues about data feed and connection issues, the Foundation Template for Google Sheets, the Tiller Money Feeds add-on, Excel add-in and Money Tracker template, and billing or subscription inquiries. Please use the chat tool in the lower right corner of the Console ( to contact the Tiller Money Support team directly.

Read more about Tiller Money’s support offerings on our official product Help Center here.

Search the community

If you have a question about anything related to Tiller Money we recommend first searching the community to see if someone has already asked the question. This saves time all around!

Create a topic

If you can’t find your question via search or you want to start a new discussion or share your workflow or creation, create a new topic. The community is organized around these categories.

Get Help

Use the Get Help category for troubleshooting, how to, or advice. It’s broken into a few subcategories depending on your specific area of need.

Spreadsheet templates - This is for tactical how to or spreadsheet troubleshooting type questions. Ask questions about Tiller Labs solutions or how to do something in a spreadsheet here.

Workflows & Tools - This is for advice on workflows or add-on tool troubleshooting. Ask questions or troubleshoot a Tiller Labs tool (like the transaction splitter or reconcile tools) or for advice on a workflow (like how to track your rental property income and the category setup you should use).

Bank Feed Issues - This is for asking about whether others are experiencing an issue with a particular bank feed. Before posting in this category, please review the Known Data Feeds Issues & Workarounds topic. Your best experience for support with these types of issues is to use the chat tool on the Console to contact customer support directly.

Ask anything - Not sure where it goes? Ask any question here. If it fits into another category our team will relocate it for you.


Use the Discussion category to start a conversation with the community. Share your Tiller Money story, what inspires you, or chat about money. Our team regularly posts here to engage with the community on various financial topics and trends.

Wikis & Webinars

In Wikis & Webinars you’ll find everything you need to know about community supported solutions and tools, those created by the Tiller Money Labs team. You’ll also find content from past webinars and everything you need to know about getting the most out of this community.

Show & Tell

Use the Show & Tell category to share something you’ve built on Tiller Money or your workflow for leveraging the power of spreadsheets powered by Tiller Money’s data feeds here.

News & Announcements

Watch the News & Announcements category to stay in the know on all things Tiller Money.

Feature Requests

Have an idea for how to improve Tiller Money? Check out existing Feature Requests and vote or add your own.

Helping others

Mark as Solution

If you create a new topic and someone shares a solution that’s helpful to you, mark their reply as “Solution” so others can quickly find answers.

Be a Good Neighbor

When you’ve learned the ropes, spend some time in the community sharing solutions for others. If you see a topic and you have the answer or a suggestion, reply to the topic to help out your neighbors. You can earn the Good Neighbor badge this way, awarded by the Tiller Money team in recognition of your helpful contribution.

Sharing is caring

Spreadsheets are inherently flexible and collaborative. The Tiller Money team has been building spreadsheet templates for quite a while, but we’re curious to see how customers have solved financial riddles or accomplished their goals in their own sheets. If you have a workflow or solution that’s helpful to you, it’s probably helpful to others too! Create a new topic in the Show & Tell category to show off your work or idea.

Is it safe to use what someone has shared?

You should use at your own discretion and review before you use. Read more about that here.

Share the love

At the core of our Community is positive encouragement! If you read something and enjoy it, give the author a like by clicking :heart: on their post. This is also a key component to leveling up in the Community and earning super powers to be a more influential member.

Say Hello!

The Tiller Money Community is a safe space and we encourage you to learn about other members and introduce yourself as you’re getting started in the Community.

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