Tiller Money Labs Roundup 10/13/20 - Search the Tiller Ecosystem

Our Tiller Money Labs team is working to keep you efficient, inspired, and enabled with financial templates, tools and workflows. In our Tiller Money Labs Roundups, we keep you updated on our latest features and sheets.

New Feature: Search the Tiller Money Ecosystem

We’ve made it easier to find templates, workflows and community threads with a new search feature. You’ll new see a Search option right in the main menu in the Tiller Money Labs add-on.


Enter a search term and click enter. Results will include:

  • Available templates & solutions (e.g. Savings Budget)
  • Tiller Money Labs workflows & tools (e.g. Transactions Splitter and reports)
  • Tiller Money Labs submenus (e.g. Utilities)
  • Discussions in the Tiller Money Community

We hope this new feature will help you discover the features you need and get to the features you know and love faster.



Man you guys are killing it with all the new capabilities. Thank you


Glad you appreciate the new feature, @richl. I absolutely had our conversation (from a few months back) in mind as I developed the search feature. Once we are able to share templates and solutions that are designed by community members through the Tiller Money Labs add-on, we will need better workflows to find what is available. Search is a building block in that direction…

In other news, congratulations on your new Envelope Budget v2.0. You’ve polished up the old functionality and have added some really clever new capabilities. We are grateful that you’ve continued to build on your envelope budget and support it in the community.

This is really slick. I like that it integrates templates, solutions, and the associated buttons into one place, very clever and efficient! Tiller has 2 add-on menus, Money feeds & Money labs. Will you be adding this feature to the money feeds add-on? Also, there are a few features inside Money labs that are tried true and tested that would be beneficial to reside in the money feeds add-on; Split Transaction & Manual Transaction. It is inconvenient to switch between the 2 add-on menus. My understanding is labs is for troubleshooting new features, templates, fixing broken sheets, sanitizing, etc. where feeds is for tools that run the sheets, like account update, auto cat, settings, etc. Organization can be logical, but technology sometimes limits process. I am sure there are reasons for how the menus are set up. Just a thought. Thanks @randy, bravo.

This is great feedback, @chris.larson1967.

I agree with you that way features & workflows are split across the two add-ons is sometimes inefficient and/or counterintuitive.

Intuitively, the rubric pivots on feature maturity and how fundamental a workflow is to basic finances, but frankly there are other factors that come into play such as required permissions (Tiller Money Labs uses broader scopes) and whether a feature is supported by our Customer Success team.

We realize the current breakdown is vague and imperfect. Rest assured that our team has been thinking on how to improve & clarify the product offering. It is a complex problem and I’m not sure any solution will satisfy everyone, but I’m confident we can make progress.

Please keep sharing what would make a solution effective for you, @chris.larson1967, and we will do our best…

Feedback is always difficult to hear and I had a feeling there was more to the story. You have explained clearly the stakeholders and limitations, that said, thank you for hearing me out. I will continue to work with these features in their independent add on menus. I wish you continued success!