Improved Design Release for the Tiller Community Solutions add-on

We just pushed an update to the Tiller Community Solutions add-on (formerly the Tiller Money Labs add-on) to improve the user interface, shift the focus to spreadsheet solutions, encourage users to submit their own solutions for consideration, and make it easier to find relevant community topics about a solution.

The main sidebar now opens to the “Explore” tab where you can explore Community solutions organized by tags. Use the dropdown to choose a tag and explore solutions.

After adding a solution, the add-on will open the “Help” tab for the solution where you can learn more about it and see community content.

You can manage installed solutions using the “Manage” tab to restore or update any that have newer versions available.

Lastly, your favorite workflows like the transaction splitter or CSV importer as well as reports, and other utilities are now available via the “Tools” tab.

Check out the update and let us know what you think or reply here and let us know if anything is amiss or seems off.