Tiller Money soon to support open banking connection with Bank of America

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Tiller Money was the first of Envestnet | Yodlee’s licensees to launch open banking in 2020. First with Citi, followed shortly by Chase. Now Bank of America is being added to the list with new banks expected to be enabled over the coming months and years…

Banking data aggregation is an ever evolving industry, but it’s exciting to see the banks get on board with allowing consumers to truly own their data. These advancements offer more secure standards for 3rd party aggregators to pull the data into financial applications like Tiller Money. This new connection means more reliable bank data refreshes so your Bank of America spending, transactions, and balances make it into your spreadsheets even faster. No more fumbling with your phone to re-authenticate an account to access your data. The best part is, you’re making a direct connection with the bank so you no longer have to share your username and password with Yodlee.

The Tiller Money open banking connection for Bank of America will go live Feb 15, 2021. Existing Tiller Money customers with connected Bank of America accounts will need to update their connections by March 15th to keep the connection active and the data flowing.

Click here to learn more about how to update your Bank of America connections

The following sites are affected by this update:


Has this gone live yet?

Hi @stephenk, sort of :slight_smile:

After a few customers tested it out there was an issue and Yodlee indicates they’ve identified a bug and will be tentatively pushing a fix on Sunday 2/21. We’ve been tracking this internally and just got word this morning that it wasn’t fully working so very timely for you to ask here!

Thanks for the update. Hoping the bug fix works and the update goes out soon! Please keep us posted.

You’re welcome. They did push out the update on Sunday, but still seems to not be working quite right just yet. We’re still monitoring and working with them on it.

@stephenk, Yodlee believes this issue to be resolved, and we’ve seen some customers successfully upgrading their Bank of America connections. Can you give it a try and let me know if it works for you?

I was able to update my connection with no issues. Not sure what type of issues came up earlier but I’ll have to wait and see if things sync properly over the next couple days.

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We have had reports of other customers still not able to get the connection updated. They’re getting this message after clicking Connection > Edit Credentials and then “Update”

If anyone reading here encounters this issue, please reach out via the chat tool on the Console at https://sheets.tillerhq.com/auth/google for more help.


Hi @heather,
I have a question that others might want to know too.

When Tiller gets connected to Bank of America or the others via Open Banking, is there any confirmation of this or section saying this on the Bank’s websites?

On the Tiller setup page, does it indicate anywhere that it is using Open Banking?




If I go to my online account at the institution, this is what I see for BofA and Chase. I do not see Tiller there because I have not transitioned yet. As you can see, others are already there with Open Banking. NewRetirement and Copilot use Plaid.




Thanks @Blake for helping me find that information.
I wasn’t sure if I had successfully transferred over. And those pages confirm I have not yet either.


@jono (and others) if you see “Legacy” at the bottom of your Console (https://sheets.tillerhq.com/auth/google) then you’re not eligible for the open banking connections. Screenshot and more info in the help guide below.



Thanks @heather . Very helpful.

I see

Data feed integration version: legacy

just above the copyright. That explains it.