New: Early Access to USAA Open Banking for Tiller Customers

Originally published at: New: Early Access To USAA Open Banking For Tiller Customers - Tiller

Good news: USAA is coming back online with Tiller.

Tiller’s team has worked closely with Yodlee to restore USAA access. so we know this has been a long awaited connection.

Tiller’s team has been working closely with Yodlee to resolve connection access to USAA accounts. We are thrilled to announce Tiller is now testing Yodlee’s very first USAA open banking integration.

Early testing access for USAA open banking is now live

If you already have USAA accounts connected to Tiller you can upgrade your connection and pull approximately 90 days of transaction data for your USAA accounts.

  1. Open your Tiller Console at
  2. Click “Connection > Edit credentials” next to USAA under the Connected Account Summary & follow the prompts to log in and connect

If you haven’t yet connected USAA accounts, you can click the “Add accounts” button on the Tiller Console and use the USAA option to connect and pull in your accounts.

Because this connection was unavailable for some time, use the steps in this help guide if you need to fill in any gaps in your transaction data.

As with all our other open banking enabled institutions, this new USAA connection is more reliable, faster, and more secure than the previous connection.

If you run into any issues, reach out to our support team via the chat in the lower right corner of the Tiller Console at


This has been working great - Thanks!

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That’s awesome, glad to hear it :slight_smile:

I reconnected in a new foundation sheet just to see what would happen and received two and half years of transactions.

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Hi Heather I sent you a message on LinkedIn, can we connect and discuss?

Confirmed! Working like a charm. :slight_smile:
Thanks to Team Tiller for your assistance to get this over the finish line!

Thanks for your patience and encouragement, @nathanielh.

Header l pay mysupcrition on Januaryand l pay again in may l check my credit card recor and they all in there and you people saying you can’t no finde the payment l pay 79.00 two time thank u

This doesn’t work with 2 accounts. Both instances connect to the same account. The Edit Credentials option never actually allows you to edit your credentials…it just loops back to the open banking permissions for the same account.

Is there a gap in the data there? 2.5 years doesn’t seem quite right from this open banking connection. If we had data from prior to the outage and then pulled the last 90 days you’d like see a gap somewhere. Just be sure to double check.

Welcome, @me11 :wave: I don’t generally monitor my LinkedIn messages so sorry if I missed you. If you need help, feel free to reach out to the support team using the chat tool in the lower right corner of the Tiller Console at

@nathanielh glad to hear it’s working! And welcome to the community! :wave:

Welcome @Hardingpark87 :wave: if you have a billing question, please write to

@michael.mallo I think this one is best solved via our official support channel, the chat tool on the Tiller Console. I know some others have had success with connecting two logins, but our support team should be able to help or if you don’t have a lot of historical data because the connection has been down for so long you can just remove the other login and go through the Add Accounts process and it should prompt you to link a 2nd login.

No major gaps that I can see. My AMEX alone pulled in 2400 records spanning back to 02/12/2021. In my current foundation sheet the account number was changed in the tiller connection for my USAA CC’s and now I have two years of dups.

I was able to change one of the accounts to the other login, but that then changed both accounts to the new login. There is literally no way to remove an account on the dashboard (I know there used to be…where’d it go???). I have sent messages to customer support. And yes, this used to work just fine with 2 accounts before the overhaul to the dashboard.

Hi @michael.mallo I just replied to your support message.

@heather Any recommendations for how to proceed if we have been manually downloading? Ideally I would like to resume automated downloads but not have to delete 90 days worth of duplicates?


This is what i did, however you may need to add this column prior to initial import. Also, if you have the date added column you could use that as it is automatically populated from tiller upon import.

This was my entry on the following topic.

For those who have been manually importing, something I thought to do prior to the fill from USAA was to filter out all USAA transactions and add a column that indicates that it was the manual transaction. Not sure if that will be helpful to any others but I intend to just go through and make sure all of my manual transactions matches before deleting any duplicates.

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So great to have this back since most of my banking is via USAA. Thank you for all of the work!

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Is this for banking transactions only?

I’m hoping it can see my insurance payment and split the transaction automatically based on homeowners / auto / umbrella, etc. Wishful thinking?

@muffinDad i think what you would be interested in would be the Saved Splits feature. I am assuming that the same or similar amounts will be debited from your checking account and you then you need to split it into the seperate categories each time, if so then this will work perfect just with your checking transactions. You can use percentages or specified amounts.

@frank.davenport - @bentyre1 is right. You can use the Date Added column to help clear out duplicates, that’s the best approach and that is a default column in the Foundation Template out to the far right in the Transactions sheet.

@muffinDad - we don’t support insurance account types from any institution so you’d need to manually track those insurance accounts.

Yep, this is how I do it today, but have to manually look up the amount every month as it’s a few pennies different each time, so the saved split doesn’t help (it works great for things that don’t change)