Called USAA about Yodlee... No help

The purpose of this post is to hopefully contact someone within Tiller that is close to the USAA connection to Yodlee.

Like many others, I am having problems with my USAA accounts connecting to Yodlee and Tiller. I called USAA’s technical support team and they were no help. The person I talked with had zero knowledge of Yodlee or its API. So, contacting USAA’s Technical team hasn’t been helpful, at least for me.

I’m curious if you called customer support or web support? I called too and got a similar answer after being transferred around a bit.

huge issue and I have no contacts that have been helpful

This does not help, but it is more of a “feel your pain”. We use a local credit union, and we can get balances but not transactions. When we ask them, they give us a dumb look like we are talking another language. They are literally no help at all (and every other financial institution works for us).

And now to make you smile…I I could no longer connect to that bank at all. I kept trying but never got the MFA. Turns out my wife switched MFA to her phone, and it kept sending it there. She thought we were getting hacked…

I called Technical support. I even had to ask if I was talking to technical support to make sure I was with the right person :joy:

That’s too funny! Your wife gets the troll award of the week :joy:

Hey @blashley777 - I’m closing this out because we already have a lengthy topic about USAA going over here: USAA transactions and balances not updating

We don’t need duplicative threads about this USAA issue.