USAA transactions and balances not updating

It has been more than 7 days and I’ve tried everything in support, read everything on community solutions and gone several rounds with the bot.

I love this program and REALLY hope someone can help me resolve this one glitch:

I have two accounts connected to through USAA. I began using tiller in February 2022. Accounts were updating just fine until the beginning of July. Since then I have had to manually add all USAA transactions. Here’s what happens:

I refresh the account on the dashboard. It takes a while, and then I get the message that all accounts were “refreshed a few seconds ago”.

Sometimes I get a message that some accounts need attention. Whether or not it’s a USAA account, I go ahead and re-enter the login information. Which at USAA is unavoidably two-factor authentication—username, password, PIN.

This changes nothing. I still get all accounts “refreshed a few seconds ago.”

I then go to Balances, which shows all accounts up to date except USAA. Today, it said balances were last updated 8 days ago. I looked up my balances for that date and Tiller does not have the correct number.

I go to transactions and use Tiller Money Feeds, fill sheets. But no USAA transactions or balances appear, despite getting “all linked accounts have recently refreshed” message.

Please advise.


Hi, I’m not of much help to you but USAA does work fine for me with two bank accounts and credit cards.
The outage dashboard shows an issue for USAA

USAA (3278) 7/26/2022 8/11/2022 8/2/2022 3278 0%-25% #N/A User Action Required.

Not sure why it works for me and not you.

Good luck

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I am having the same issue. USAA checking hasn’t updated in days although USAA Credit Card account did. Until Tuesday. Now I get a message that I need to go to the USAA site to take an action but when I go to USAA site there is no message about any actions I need to take.

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I’m having the same issue. Credit cards update, but not the bank accounts. I try to re-enter my login info, and it eventually says: “Your request timed out. Oops, it looks like you did not enter your security info in the time period required. Please try again.”

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Now even my credit card account isn’t updating. I just get a message that I need to take an action on USAA site. Yet when I go to USAA there is no message or indication of any action I need to take. Suspect the issue is with Tiller. I have been using it for a couple of years and their connection with USAA has been more problematic than any other institution I link to.

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Same problem - no update to USAA Checking or Savings accounts since late June. I have re-entered credential information, but no joy in getting transactions or account balances (or balance history).

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Same here. It’s been messed up since late July and the outage doc ETA is nearly the end of August. Kinda makes me mad that it worked perfectly fine during my 30-day trial period and about 2 weeks after I paid for a full year license. I don’t think I ever had any USAA connection problems with Mint or Simplifi… I don’t understand why this isn’t fixed already :face_with_diagonal_mouth: