Feed pushing incorrect balance history date and missing transactions

Product: Microsoft Excel
Template: Personal Finance Complete Bundle from Making Your Money Matter (Kathryn Hanna)

Issue: As far as I can tell this is only happening with my USAA accounts. When filling data from Tiller Money Feeds, my USAA credit cards appear correctly in the Balance History tab but the checking and savings accounts do not. The checking account appears with the correct balance but the date is incorrect (it is always 9/6/2022). The savings account does not appear at all. Transactions for these two accounts are also not being imported.

Is anyone else experiencing a similar issue? The fact that an account is being pushed to the Balance History tab with an incorrect date seems to indicate that there is a data problem on the back end.

There’s currently a widespread outage for USAA. You can read a bit more here. You can check in on the status of this issue, and whether the ETA is being extended, on this dashboard: Institution Outages - Google Sheets.

Outages can cause a variety of issues, and since this is only happening with your USAA accounts it’s likely not a spreadsheet issue but just an issue with the bank connection. There’s even a forum here on the USAA Community page where customers have expressed issues with USAA’s connection to other apps (not just Tiller)

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