Usaa visa credit card transactions not importing

Is anyone else using Tiller and banking with USAA having problems with their Visa credit card transactions not importing?

My checking and savings imports fine, just not my visa transactions and 99% of my purchases are on my visa so this is really frustrating. I have submitted a ticket with the Tiller chat but it has been weeks now and I’m not hearing anything back.

hi @adkisoncc sorry about the delay getting things working with the USAA credit card. We are still monitoring it with our data provider and recently asked for an update, but we have no news on this just yet. These things can take time and now that USAA is an open banking enabled institution it may require USAA make changes on their end, which can take extra time.

Thanks for your patience.

Yes I am having the same problem. USAA checking imports transactions, but not credit card.

What can we do to get the USAA credit card transactions manually in the mean time?

Any update to this? Same issue on my end. Pretty much all my expenses occur here so without a fix on the horizon the product isn’t very helpful. Thanks

it has now been over 6 weeks and I have not had any resolution on this. Tiller told me that most issues are resolved within 6 weeks. Disappointing and frustrating.

Sorry, @adkisoncc and @adamstelle… Our team stays after our data aggregator pretty hard but ultimately we are at the mercy of their tech team to resolve institution outages. We are working on longer-term product solutions to create more options when there are outages, but, in this case with USAA, we are at the mercy of Yodlee’s tech team to fix the issue.

Just wondering if this was resolved and if this is only a problem with me. I just joined in January (from Mint) so not sure. FYI–this stopped working in Mint in Sept 2022. Thanks.

USAA is on the Institution Alerts Dashboard, but only since January 30. So this might be a different issue than the previous one in this thread?

@cidrew I think it might be an issue with your accounts or connection. I have checking, savings, visa, amex all with USAA and it has been working flawlessly since the open banking connection was enabled. Try another product that uses Yodlee like Empower (Personal Capitol) to see if you get downloads.

Thank you for your response. This caused me to investigate this further and it was my problem. It is resolved now.

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