Is there a list of financial institutions that don't work with with Tiller?

To be honest, I would use this information in deciding what financial institutions we use.

Currently they use Yodlee as their provider (sounds like they may add others this year). I Googled around and didn’t see a list anywhere, I imagine it changes frequently. Your best bet is going to the console, clicking “Add Accounts” and then searching for the institution you’re considering to see if it pops up.

Thanks. I was trying to convince a few folks to try Tiller but they don’t even want to spend time/energy trying if their bank is in the list. They won’t tell me who they bank with (for reasons) so I can’t check for them.

I wish Tiller/Yodlee did make that list available so customers could check.

They do have this list

Supported Banks

You could also just send this Introductory page to them


Oh, brilliant. Thank you. I don’t know how come I didn’t see that when I searched. I really appreciate it!

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Nice, wasn’t aware of that, thanks!

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Hmm… as much as I love Tiller (and I do!) I have to call shenanigans just a little here. USAA is on the list of supported banks, and there has been a known problem with the USAA feed for at least 8 months.

I just checked the Tiller Outage list, and it shows (as it has for 8 months) an issue with the USAA feed. The issue has a start date of 1/23/2023, which is odd, since that’s in the future. (They’ve continued to push the issue start date to the right for 8 months.) It has a tentative ETA of 4/7/2023, which has also been continually pushed to the right.

I know they’re working on the USAA problem, and I appreciate the difficulty associated with providing data feeds from 21,000 different banks, but it doesn’t feel like USAA should be on their list of supported banks right now given the circumstances.

That’s a fair point, @danny.shively.

Our list of “supported banks” are those supported by our aggregator, Yodlee. We know the (long) USAA outage has been a real pain point for many customers and have been diligently pressuring Yodlee to resolve it… thus far, to no avail. We hope Yodlee will resolve this issue soon.

At this time, Tiller’s list of supported banks does not take into account outages as they are typically resolved fairly responsively.


Wait, is Tiller misrepresenting information to make themselves look better? That is not cool.

No, the outage dashboard is an automated list based on emails from our data provider about site “alerts” - we’re working on our language around this list of “outages” - not all are really “outages” but rather “notifications” about issues or known changes/updates/action required for institutions.

Yodlee issued a new “alert” for USAA yesterday, which generates a new email which we scrape, so it reset the start date.

We’ll be sharing an update shortly on the ongoing USAA thread here: USAA transactions and balances not updating

To be clear, we will be exploring this as an option this year, but it’s not something we’ve firmly committed to for this year.

I was going to give some honest, candid feedback about optics but it looks like y’all have already updated the outage list to show the actual start date.

But it looks like the Last Updated column is wrong.

Good catch. Thanks :slight_smile: