Supported Institutions not found?

I’ve searched around the forums and haven’t been able to find an answer, so any insights would be appreciated.

I’m relatively new to Tiller, and have been connecting as many accounts as I can. Most of them I’ve had no problems with. There are a few that I couldn’t find, so I figured there was no connectivity, which I wasn’t necessarily surprised at.

But then I found the supported institutions list, and browsed through it a bit. I found a lot of the institutions that I had not been able to find connections for. I’ve tried searching by name, url, and anything else I can think of, but nothing.

So, I guess my question is - is that list ever updated to remove institutions that aren’t supported anymore? Is there any secondary source to figure out what on that list does or doesn’t work? I was really excited when I found that list, as some of the accounts on there were ones that I couldn’t connect through Mint when I was using that, or other apps that I’ve used.

I’ll throw a few examples out, in case anyone has insight. Figure Lending is one. Discover is another one - kind of. I have a Discover account with a credit card, a loan, and a checking account. Only the credit card shows up on the account list. I was told by support that Discover loans weren’t supported, but again - they’re on that list, as are Discover checking accounts, I believe.

I don’t have a specific answer for your question, but I’d just note one issue that I’ve encountered. Certain accounts may be administered on the back end by a different institution than the one that you are used to associating with the account. It isn’t always obvious what that institution is, but to access the account, you actually need to connect through the back end institution.

That sounds confusing, so here’s an example: I have a Health Savings Account that I can access directly through CareFirst, my health insurance provider. But that HSA is administered by an institution called Further. To get access to my HSA data, I need to connect through Further. CareFirst doesn’t advertise that the HSA is administered by Further, and I only figured it out from the url of the page on which I actually look at my HSA account. This same issue may arise with credit cards that are administered by a third-party bank.

I mention this whole issue because it took me a bit of time and detective work to connect to that HSA account, and for a while, I was convinced it wasn’t supported.

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I believe you’re referring to the following list, this line copied from the below help article:
Review our list of supported institutions (updated quarterly).

Updated quarterly.

After clicking the link, the name of the file is:
Tiller’s List of Supported Financial Institutions (Jan 2024)

Updated Jan 2024.

Thanks! That is definitely helpful.

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