Doe Tiller Support Canadian Banks?

I’m a 10 year Mint user. I’ve been testing various personal finance platforms to choose one to replace Mint. Unfortunately, none appear to be direct replacements. Many have bank feed connection issues. Many are lacking some of the features I’m accustomed to in Mint. I’ve now decided dispense with Mint-like apps and test Tiller. I created an account but I’m unable to connect my primary bank, TD Canada Trust using my easyWeb account log in credentials. I now have the sense Tiller doesn’t support Canadian banks. Can anyone confirm please? Thanks!

The list of financial institutions that Tiller supports is here. I don’t see TD Canada Trust on it.

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Oh ok. That’s quite unfortunate. Thank you!

It might be worth sending a note to Tiller customer support just to be sure. There are lots of other TDs on the list of institutions that they do support and maybe one of them would give you access to what you’re looking for.

I actually tried looking for a way to contact Tiller Customer Support but can’t seem to find an e-mail address or on-line chat. Do you happen to know/have either contact options? Thanks again!

I don’t. I always interact with them through the Tiller console. Since you’ve created an account, you should have access to the console and customer support through that. Just click on the little blue-and-white comment bubble icon in the lower right of the screen when you are in the console.

Awesome! Thanks again! :blush:

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Td Canada is listed under TD Easy web. Unfortunately it has been down and not fixed since I have been using Tiller for the past two months. I am hanging in that Tiller will get another integrator so that Canadian Banks are available. My Canadian Tangarine account is working just fine. CIBC works for a while then requires a reconnection.

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Okay thanks. I just found TD easyWeb. I’m unable to connect. I also tried connecting Neo Financial, but it failed too. Submitted tickets for both to Support.

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Canadian financial institutions seem to place all responsibility for loss on the account owner for giving the passwords to anyone. How safe is Yodlee?