Unable to add TD Canada Easy Web connection

I’m trying to add my TD Easyweb account to tiller, but I’m being told “Account linking unavailable”. And “We’re unable to link your account at this time. Please try again in 4-24 hours.”

I’ve tried a handful of times over the last week and it’s always the same. Is this something tiller is able to resolve? TD is a pretty popular bank in Canada, so I’m surprised this connection isn’t working.

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TD Bank Easyweb is on the Institutional Alerts sheet. Tiller customer service might be able to give you more detail on what’s going on, but they seem to be aware of the issue (and are likely working with their data aggregator, Yodlee, to fix it).

TD easyweb hasn’t worked for a several weeks

Best bet here is to reach out to the support team for this issue.