National Bank of canada feed authentification not working anymore - June 2022-

Problem since last week with since last week, the authentification does not work.

I tried the suggested the suggested resolution (change password, retype everything etc… ) with no success.
The support tells me resolution time is at least 3 to 6 weeks.

Does any other Canadian using National Bank of Canada having the same problem ? All other feeds are working i have 3 feeds.


It’s not in the Tiller Outage Sheet, so you’ll probably want to contact Tiller Support by clicking on the chat icon.

Thanks @jpfieber , I did open a support ticket but I was surprised with the delays associated to resolution and the missing metrics from the connection provider so I am trying to find out if it’s only me or others are having the same problem.

I had a ticket for months on a local bank and have another one now on a different local bank and neither one showed up on the Tiller Outage Sheet. I think only large institutions show up there.

Yep @tillerjb39 t seems that small connections problems are harder to escalate and resolve. Let’s hope for a fast resolution .