Northern Bank & Trust Company connection error

Opened a chat on 5 Dec, back and forth a couple times with Selina, then nothing for a few days. Issue still has not made the tracker.

Appears to be related to the multi factor authentication and has been ongoing for more than 2 weeks. Details and screenshots from the unanswered, unseen chat.

The multi factor authentication error happens when you refresh the account, and neither editing the connection credentials or re-adding the account works, that’s when the technical error happens.


Heads up, it may take us a few hours to a day or two to respond to your next message because we use a queue-based support model so it’s not surprising that you haven’t gotten a resolution or response yet.

You can read more about our support model here:

This type of issue will likely require us to reach out to our data provider for help and we’re still at the phase of gathering information.

Posting here in the community will not speed up resolution or response time.

Thanks for your understanding.